Why Pharmacology?

If as a student you wish to gain an understanding of the fundamental principles underlying the mechanism of action of therapeutic agents as a basis for the discovery and development of new more effective cures for disease, then it is important that you develop a strong foundation in pharmacological sciences.

Pharmacology has, historically, provided the basis for most medical treatment, and remains the preferred mode of intervention in disease. It also has provided powerful tools for probing the function of biological systems. Much of the progress in pharmacology in the last century has resulted from the development of improved methods for evaluating drug action, whereas the process of drug discovery has remained largely empirical. In the past decade, progress in a number of fields has converged to the point that the traditional trial and error method of drug screening is beginning to be replaced by rational drug engineering based upon sophisticated understanding of the chemistry and structure of drugs and receptors.  Learn more about this exciting option for graduate education by clicking on the publications listed below.

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