Angelo Blasio presents at annual SfN Meeting: “Addiction Drug Could Curb Binge Eating”

Angelo-Blasio_2Angelo Blasio, a Post-doctoral fellow in the Laboratory of Addictive Disorders, presented this past week at the annual Society for Neuroscience meeting in New Orleans. Yahoo!News featured his research in an article shortly thereafter:

“For the study, rats were turned into binge eaters consuming about four times as much food as other rats by being fed a high-sugar diet for one hour a day. But after the drug naltrexone was injected into the part of the rats’ brains called the prefrontal cortex, binge eaters ate much less — close to the amount that rats on a regular diet consume.

The study also found that the binge-eating rats had changes in the prefrontal cortex in the genes that encode the brain proteins that bind to opioid receptors. The meaning of this finding is not known, but it’s possible these changes are involved in the loss of control experienced by patients with binge-eating disorder”

To view the full Yahoo!News article, please click here.

Angelo Blasio works in the Laboratory of Addictive Disorders, co-directed by Drs. Valentina Sabino and Pietro Cottone. Congratulations to all!