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  • wojnarowiczSusan Winandy PhD, Director of Pathology Graduate programs

If you dream of participating in breakthrough scientific research and want to contribute to the advancement of biomedical knowledge, learning how diseases work at a mechanistic level you are in the right place to find out about our graduate programs in investigative pathology. We offer programs that would allow students to get a PhD degree or Master’s Degree.
There are a number of investigators in the department studying a wide variety of diseases. Here are some of the processes and some of the diseases we are looking at.
We have investigators that are studying development of the brain. They look at what kind of effects nutrition has on the developing brain. Other investigators are looking at the neuroscience of Alzheimer’s disease as well as traumatic brain injury that happens in both blast as well as chronic traumatic encephalopathy that the National Football players are having.


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There are other investigators trying to determine the pathogenesis of Asthma, so basically why an Asthmatic response takes place. Other investigators are taking a look at angiogenesis which is how blood vessels grow either in the back of eye when you have diabetes or during cancer.
We also have exciting programs going on in areas such as the response to severe bacterial infections which is known as sepsis. We are trying to determine when you get septic what part of your immune system goes and kills you.
After you finish your PhD training our candidates typically go on to do postdoctoral fellowships. You will be equipped to go work as a science writer. You can become a Principal Investigator running your own laboratory. You can work for the government helping to shape science policy.
For Master’s Degree, a number of our students have gone on to careers working in Pathology Laboratories, helping to process tissues or helping investigators with PhDs and MDs do their science.
So if you are interested in a career in Pathology you should consider Boston University School of Medicine. We have a very active group of investigators with good grant support and we will train you well.