Department of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine: New News Spring 2021

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June 8th, 2021


Bravo Manisha Cole, rising MS Graduate:A Token of Gratitude: Student Employees of the Year Celebrated for Their Work” from BU Today

  • Cole, who works as a research assistant in the School of Medicine pathology and laboratory medicine department, has juggled several different roles in relation to COVID research, says Christopher Andry(GRS’87,’89, MED’94), department chair. In addition to her campus award, Cole’s work creating the COVID-19 biorepository has earned her the distinction of being chosen the Northeast Association of Student Employment Administrators regional winner.
  • “This amount of work, while continuing her studies, is truly remarkable and speaks to her commitment to her studies and humanitarian willingness to step up and help in a time of crisis,” Andry says.
  • In thanking her coworkers and supervisors, Cole says the work her team does “every day directly contributes to furthering advancements in overarching knowledge of SARS-CoV-2 as we are providing resources to researchers.”
  • Celebrating Laboratory Professionals Week April 18-24, 2021
    • “We Believe in Heroes: Avengers of the Laboratory”
    • Celebratory activities included:
      • BMC Spotlight & Social Media
      • Daily Raffles
      • Lab Coat Decorating Contest and much more!!



  •                           CRA Lab Coat                HEME Lab Coat            MICRO Lab Coat        Phebotomy Lab Coat
      • And… The Winner of the Lab Coat Decorating Contest was…Phlebotomy! Great Job by everyone!
    • Charitha Vadlamudi, Chief Resident of Anatomic Pathology, has been selected to serve as one of 15 Diversity and Inclusion Fellows for the BMC GME Diversity and Inclusion Council. The D&I Council and Fellowsare committed to creating and sustaining an inclusive workplace where everyone is valued and engaged, not in spite of, but because of, our differences – seen or unseen.  Fellows play a key role in the process of raising and addressing areas of concern related to diversity and inclusion.  More information can be found here:

  • In collaboration with Drs. Josh Campbell and Rachel Flynn, Christopher Heaphy recently received a $50K award from the BU CTSI Pilot Grant Program for “Identifying genomic alterations in prostate cancers from African American men”
  • Heaphy was also the co-senior author on a paper recently published that was an international collaboration with colleagues from the US, The Netherlands, Italy, and Republic of Korea to evaluate biomarkers in non-functional pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors. Non-functional pancreatic neuroendocrine tumours: ATRX/DAXX and alternative lengthening of telomeres (ALT) are prognostically independent from ARX/PDX1 expression and tumour size. Hackeng WM, Brosens LAA, Kim JY, O’Sullivan R, Sung YN, Liu TC, Cao D, Heayn M, Brosnan-Cashman J, An S, Morsink FHM, Heidsma CM, Valk GD, Vriens MR, Nieveen van Dijkum E, Offerhaus GJA, Dreijerink KMA, Zeh H, Zureikat AH, Hogg M, Lee K, Geller D, Marsh JW, Paniccia A, Ongchin M, Pingpank JF, Bahary N, Aijazi M, Brand R, Chennat J, Das R, Fasanella KE, Khalid A, McGrath K, Sarkaria S, Singh H, Slivka A, Nalesnik M, Han X, Nikiforova MN, Lawlor RT, Mafficini A, Rusev B, Corbo V, Luchini C, Bersani S, Pea A, Cingarlini S, Landoni L, Salvia R, Milione M, Milella M, Scarpa A, Hong SM, Heaphy CM, Singhi AD.Gut. 2021 Apr 13:gutjnl-2020-322595

  • Eric Burks has two recent presentations:
    • 23, 2021 Immunopathology of SARS-CoV-2 Associated Diffuse Alveolar Damage: A case-control autopsy study using multiplex immunohistochemistry. Inaugural Mallory Alumni Rounds, Boston, USA & Dublin, Ireland
    • 13, 2021 Pulmonary Adenocarcinoma of Low Malignant Potential: An indolent lesion of epithelial origin? Early Detection Research Network Lung Collaborative Group, National Cancer Institute/National Institutes of Health
  • Dr Reggie Thomasson, Assistant Professor of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine, and Medical Director for Blood Bank and Transfusion Medicine has been selected as an Association of Pathology Chairs, Pathology Leadership  Fellow.  This was a competitive selection process at APC – congratulationsto Dr Thomasson
  • Graduates, Congratulations!!
    • Residents
    • :
      •  Michael Kritselis will be heading to Rhode Island Hospital for a Neuropathology Fellowship
      • Artem Shevtsov will stay in Boston at Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital in a Breast Pathology Fellowship
      • Ilyas Yambayev has accepted Rochester Medical Center with a Hematopathology Fellowship
      • Hanqiao Zheng will also be local at Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital in a General Surgical Pathology Fellowship
      • Celebration photos to follow in the next New News Edition!
    • Masters Graduate Students:
      •  Manisha Cole’s graduating thesis from her work in Dr. Yachana Kataria’s Lab was titled The Role of SARS-CoV-2 Testing in COVID-19.” Manisha has accepted a position at BU as a Senior Research Specialist. She’ll be working with the COVID-19 biorepository, as well as BARC
      • Richard Darko’s graduating thesis will be (he technically graduates in September), “Evaluation of Podocyte Foot Process Effacement, SLIT2/ROBO2, and Nephrin in Podocytopathies.” Richard, who completed his research with Dr. Joel Henderson, has also accepted a position working with Dr. Henderson in the BMC Kidney Pathology Lab as a research assistant
      • Victoria Gibson’s did her research in Dr. Lawreen Connor’s Lab, her graduating thesis is entitled The Biophysical Characterization of Novel Amyloidogenic Beta2-microglobulin Variant P32L: Victoria will be getting her PhD at UVM in the Fall
      • Nola Tochukwu Ihejirika worked with Dr. Joel Henderson and her graduating thesis is Characterization and Differentiation of Protein Reabsorption Granules and Punctate IgG in Primary Podocytopathies. Nola is now working for BMC in the Covid Biorepository
      • Jessenia Laguna-Torres’s graduating thesis from Dr. Tiffany Mellot’s Lab was “The Effects of Perinatal Choline Supplementation on the Cognitive Function of the APPNL-G-F Mouse Model of Alzheimer’s Disease.” Jessenia has been working at Voyager Therapeutics in Cambridge, MA as a Research Associate II in the Neuroscience Histology Team since March 2021
      • Paige Montanaro worked in Dr. Nick Crossland’s Lab and graduating thesis was Microscopic Morphomolecular Characterization of Humanized Mouse Models of SARS-CoV-2 Implanted with Human Fetal Lung Xenografts”. Currently Paige is seeking a position in industry













The following colleagues joined our faculty and were appointed as Clinical Instructors in our department, Welcome Aboard:

    • Charitha Vadlamudi, MD
    • Katie Doonan, MD
    • Hanqiao (Ciao) Zheng, MD
    • Ilyas Yambayev, MD
  • Allan Stolarski, MS, MD (Surgical Resident doing research in Dr. Daniel Remick’s Lab) made several presentations at The 30th Grasberger Research Symposium Lecture and Visiting Professorship on May 21st
    • “Early Metabolic Support for Critically Ill Trauma Patients: A Prospective Randomized Controlled Trial”
    • “Defining Sepsis Phenotypes: Two Murine Models of Sepsis and Machine Learning
    • “Cytokine Drizzle: The Rationale for Abandoning “Cytokine Storm”
    • “Defining the Immunobiology of Hydrocortisone, Ascorbic Acid, and Thiamine (HAT) in a Murine Pneumonia Model of Sepsis”

Publications. Published: