COVID-19 Resources

Please visit BMC’s COVID-19 webpage for the most up to date information and communications.

        Childcare and Adult Care Support

          1. Care@Work: Childcare and Adult Care Backup
            Care@Work by is a service for BUMG faculty to find pre-screened, high quality caregivers for backup child care (in-home or in-center) and backup adult or senior care (in-home).

          The service provides:

            • Last-minute care for work-related needs such as school snow days, sick days, school vacation, or if your normal child or adult care falls through.
            • Care for your child(ren), adults, and seniors.
            • Book online, using the Care@Work app or by phone
            • In-home care – $6 per hour (child, adult or senior backup care)
            • In-center care – $10 per child per day (childcare only)
            • 10 days/calendar year per employee to use any combination of backup care

   Free Premium Membership To access go to

              • Find an ongoing caregiver through’s database. This option may be used for finding a typical childcare arrangement such as a nanny or babysitter or for support during the school year when your children may be home for part or full time and need at home supervision and support for online learning.
              • Family Care Benefits – access all of the care-related and distance learning resources like in-person or on-line tutors, and pod teachers if you want your kids to be schooled at home (alone or with others).

   Support Guides

            Coronavirus resource guide for parents and caregivers has a listing of pandemic related tips and support, including how to have an open and direct conversation with caregivers to ensure everyone feels comfortable and other parenting support articles and podcasts.

              1. BU Back-Up Care for Children and Adults (Bright Horizons)
                Boston University has partnered with Bright Horizons to provide you with Back-Up Care for children, adults and elders for planned as well as last-minute circumstances.

              The service provides:

                • Occasional alternative care when your regular care plan is disrupted.
                • A national network of vetted childcare centers and in-home caregivers through Bright Horizons for both children and adults.
                • 24/7 access to book these services either online, through a mobile app, or by phone. Bookings can be made up to 30 days in advance for anticipated disruptions or on the same day for unexpected needs.
                • In-Home Care – $6 per hour (child and elder care)
                  • One in-home caregiver can care for up to three children
                • In-Center Care – $15 per child per day; $25 per family per day (childcare only)
                  • Limited availability due to COVID-19
                • 10 days/ year per employee to use any combination of backup care

              Please note that and Bright Horizons offerings are not mutually exclusive.

              1. Childcare Discounts
                The following childcare centers offer discounts and special benefits to BUMG faculty through BMC. Due to COVID-19, current availability is limited.
                • The Learning Experience: Faculty receive a 10% discount and waived early and late fees for extended hours of care. To find out more please contact 991.4222 or visit to contact a local center.
                • Little Sprouts: Little Sprouts provides accredited and high quality care. Employees can receive a waived registration fee (typically $75) and with priority waitlist status. Please call 977.7688 to find out availability and pricing. Visit for more information about the programs.

              Educational Support for Children

              1. BU Childcare and Educational Programs
                Boston University offers early childhood and preschool educational programs found here.
              1. Khan Academy
                This non-profit organization offers personalized virtual learning at no cost. The curriculum covers grade level courses and distance learning resources for math, grammar, science and history. Go to to learn more.
              1. Read Theory
                Read Theory provides free online reading comprehension skills for K-12 students, as well as an English as a Second Language (ESL) program. It is designed to be fun and simple to use to keep the students’ attention and improve their motivation. Visit to join.
              1. Home School Co-ops
                A home-school co-op is a group of families who meet together and work cooperatively to support their children. Activities and classes that are part of a co-op may be led by parents, or the parents may chip in to pay all or some of the teachers and activity leaders. Find a co-op that works for your family by joining a local home school support group, Facebook, Nextdoor or local home school association sites. These virtual options may be accepting new students:
                • Virtual Home School Group is volunteer run and has been serving homeschool families for more than 15 years. Parents pool their talents and offer different things, and all classes are free for students. Visit to learn more.
                • Hoeden at Home is a dedicated group of homeschooling families that provide a safe place for homeschooling families to learn, grow, and make new friends. You decide what your student is required to do. Some families use Hoeden as their full curriculum, while others for support and electives. The cost is $12.95/month or $99/year per family after a 30-day free trial. Learn more at or by calling 586.524.3659

              In addition, our behavioral health colleagues have developed new resources and tip sheets in response to the COVID-19 situation.

              Last updated: March 2022