• Title Postdoc—Lau lab
  • Education BSc in Biology, Nanyang Technological University
    PhD in Biology, National University of Singapore
  • Office K219-Lau lab
  • Area of Interest transposable genetic elements
    development & aging

I am a post-doc associate in Dr. Nelson Lau’s lab. Prior to moving to Boston, I was in Albany at Wadsworth Center, NYSDOH as research affiliate with Dr. Alexey Khodjakov.

Our lab focuses on studying the molecular mechanisms of how Transposable Elements (TEs) are regulated in both normal development as well as in disease conditions. More specifically, I am studying the relationship between transposons and animal aging. Prior literature has shown that during animal aging, TE repression weakens possibly through loss of repressive heterochromatin, but it is unknown if increased TE expression during aging actually changes the genome. By using a combinatory methods of biochemistry and genomics, we try to understand the change of TE landscapes during animal aging.



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