• Title Research Assistant Professor
  • Education PhD University of Burgundy (France)
  • Office K206
  • Phone (617) 358-4397
  • Area of Interest G protein signaling, actin cytoskeleton
    developmental biology

My research focuses on understanding basic principles of signal transduction mediated by heterotrimeric G proteins and studying their implication in human disease. I use a multidimensional approach combining in vitro biochemistry, cell biology and developmental biology with two model organisms: frogs (Xenopus laevis) and zebrafish. With this approach, I characterized the molecular basis of G protein signaling dysfunctions associated with cancer and birth defects. In particular, I discovered a novel mechanism by which G proteins orchestrate cytoskeleton remodeling to drive changes in tissue shape. This mechanism plays an important role during the embryonic development to establish the correct structure of the brain, and defects in this process causes hydrocephalus, a frequent birth defect (~1:1,000 birth) and a major cause of child mortality.

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