• Title Postdoctoral Associate – Cifuentes Lab
  • Education PhD in Integrative Biology and Biomedicine,
    Gulbenkian Institute of Science (Gulbenkian Institute for Molecular Medicine) – Plant Reproduction and Evolution (PRE) laboratory ITQB NOVA Lisbon, Oeiras, Portugal
    Masters in biology, Southern Federal University
  • Office Cifuentes Lab – K420
  • Area of Interest RNA biology, maternal and paternal genetic contribution to embryo development, epigenetic inheritance, molecular mechanisms of convergent evolution

1. Postdoctoral associate in Cifuentes Lab, Biochemistry and Cell Biology department, Boston University. Here I study RNA metabolism and the role of RNA-binding proteins in it.
10/1/2023 – current

2. PhD in Integrative Biology and Biomedicine, ITQB NOVA, Portugal
1/03/2017 – 1/25/2024
Ph.D. thesis in the field of plant reproduction under the supervision of J.D. Becker. During the project, I studied a set of genes, encoding LOTUS domain-containing proteins, that appear crucial for plant male fertility and embryo development.

3. Short-term researcher (CIMO (EDUFI) scholarship) University of Turku, Finland
02/14/2016 – 09/14/2016

4. Short-term researcher (ERA-NET PLUS Erasmus Mundus scholarship); University of Granada-Experimental station of Zaidin (CSIC), Granada, Spain
11/1/2014 – 8/31/2015

5. Researcher (part-time) Rostov-on-Don Plague Control Institute, Russia
05/2009 – 10/2014

6. Short-term researcher (DAAD) scholarship) University of Bayreuth, Germany
30/04/2012 – 31/07/2012

7. Biology/chemistry teacher (part-time) at secondary schools; Center for Supplementary Education; Don State Technical University
09/2008 – 07/2012

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