• Title Postdoctoral Associate – Varelas Lab
  • Education M.Sc
  • Office K621
  • Area of Interest Epithelial polarity
    Lung biology

Just your average person who wonders why and how all the time.

Scientifically, I was driven when I found a brand new copy of Essential Cell Biology (the one with the neuron on the cover) in a box of books from someone. I was 14, obviously I was mind blown!

Fast forward a decade, I worked with David Tree, a wonderful fly geneticist and cell biologist where my curiosity was encouraged and rigor enforced. We worked on planar cell polarity and asymmetric cell division in the male germ-line of fruit flies(one of the genes we worked on was crb). My interests then shifted to apical polarity and tight junction regulation. I ended up Frank Gunn-Moore’s Lab where I learnt a lot more than just how to do good science (CRB3).

At BU, I work on cell polarity (Also Crb3) and signalling events in the tracheal homeostasis under the guidance of Bob Varelas.


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