Grant, Contract, and Private Support

The following grants and contracts have been obtained to perform the work described within this site:

  • American International Health Alliance, 1992-1998
  • American International Health Alliance, 1999, “Emergency Medicine Outreach to the Communities”
  • International Atomic Energy Agency, 1997-2004, “International Medical Education and Harmonization Program for Nuclear Accident Preparedness”
  • Kazarian Fund, 1998-2002, “Charles and Agnes Kazarian Memorial Fund’s Eastern European Health Initiative”
  • Tavitian Foundation, 1999-2000, “BUSM/ANIH Health Management Train-the-Trainer Project”

Other Support

In addition to the grant and contract support described above, the value of our partnership support for Armenia, residing in an endowed fund at the Chobanian & Avedisian School of Medicine where it will continue to grow and provide help to our Armenian friends, has reached $7.2 million in medical equipment, drugs, and supplies since the start of the program in 1992. As examples, we obtained and installed a cell saver, oxygen regulators, patient information systems, and laboratory equipment at the then Emergency Scientific Medical Center, renamed Grigor Lusavorich Medical Center (GLMC). The partnership purchased, equipped, and shipped an ambulance to GLMC’s emergency services and purchased and shipped medications for drug-resistant tuberculosis and for Familial Mediterranean Fever to GLMC and to other clinics. A shipment of $229,580 of colchicine for FMF, $5,600 of sutures, and $35,035 of hospital beds and equipment recovered from a Massachusetts hospital that was closing is a good example.

The United Armenian Fund has generously airlifted these goods to Armenia free-of-charge and has provided support for efforts to obtain major equipment, for example, a CT scanner obtained from a US military hospital was installed at GLMC.

Our most recent fundraising campaign began in December of 2000 and was very successful, raising nearly $520,000 of new funds for the program.