Research Compliance

Boston University (BU) and Boston Medical Center (BMC) are committed to conducting all research activities incorporating the highest levels of ethical and research integrity and complying with legal standards. Academic and medical research is subject to a myriad of laws, regulations, and/or other binding agreements both challenging and complex. The Office of Research Compliance (ORC) supervises, coordinates and implements these activities at BUSM and BMC.

The compliance program at BU and BMC integrates and coordinates the significant requirements with which we must comply. Because multiple operational units are responsible for the overall effort to manage potential risk, this website will help researchers and staff find the offices responsible for regulations and policy-making. This site also has information about related offices and resources. The policies and programs administered by the Research Compliance office fall under the umbrella of the Boston University Code of Ethical Conduct.

For policies, forms, and training requirements for conducting research with human subjects and animals at Boston University, please visit the Office of Research Compliance website

Grant Preparation Support

The Office of Proposal Development (OPD) was established at the School of Medicine to provide technical and skilled administrative support to faculty and principal investigators when developing grant and contract proposals for external funding.

The OPD supports researchers by focusing on the administrative components of the proposal preparation process. Researchers can focus their time and energy developing and writing innovative science proposals and creating programs that are crucial to successful applications. Prior to forwarding to the Office of Sponsored Programs at BU for final review and approval/submission, the OPD can assist in most aspects of the Pre Award proposal development process.

**If you are considering applying for a grant or contract, the OPD asks that you contact them as soon as possible, ideally at least 4 weeks prior to the application deadline. Note that the OPD is closed during the winter holiday intersession.

Please begin to prepare for submission of your grant by visiting the OPD website .

Office of Financial and Grants Administration

The Office of Financial and Grants Administration (OFGA) was created to provide a centralized and specialized resource for research administration throughout the School of Medicine. Members of the OFGA team are specifically trained to be experts in research administration and reporting processes and are tasked with working cooperatively with each department to streamline the research administration process. OFGA strives to provide a standard and consistent process for reporting, analyzing, and projecting research spending across the School of Medicine, including maintaining a balanced budget for all grants by coordinating best practices across the organization.

The OFGA website is at

Post-Award Financial Operations

Post Award Financial Operations (PAFO) works closely with the University’s research community to provide seamless processes from pre-award to post-award activities while ensuring compliance and consistency with overall fiscal management. PAFO’s responsibilities include the research accounting and financial management functions, time and effort certifications, indirect cost rate calculation and negotiations, service center administration, property management, coordination of the annual OMB Circular A-133 audit and periodic agency audits, the creation and implementation of related policies and business processes, and oversight of systems and training. For further information, please visit

Sourcing and Procurement

Strategic Sourcing is an integrated business process for developing and executing comprehensive sourcing plans that ensure the availability of materials and services at the right time and quality at the lowest total costs to the BU community. For the procurement of goods and services for education and research, please visit

Most purchases are made from registered BU vendors and are processed via a “Shopping Cart” through the BU Works Central Portal. For assistance with procurement access, or for guidance on what process should be followed in any particular instance, you can contact our Department Administrative Coordinator, Melissa Kelly, at

Core Facilities

For information about Core facilities and services available to researchers on the Boston University Medical Campus please visit Some of these cores are institutional research cores, and are available on a fee-for-service basis to all investigators, both within and outside Boston University. Other types are core services supported by individual departments, specific grants, or groups of investigators, and may be available to other University researchers as fee-for-service, or as a collaborator.

Academic Travel/ Expense Reimbursement 

The BU Travel Services website is located at:

BU Travel Card: Faculty and staff are required to use the University Travel Card when using university funds when making travel arrangements and during the trip. All Travel should be booked using your University US Bank Visa card. If you do not have a travel card, please contact our Department Administrator, Melissa Kelly ( ) to obtain a card and for guidance on reimbursements and card reconciliation.

How-to: PDF tutorials on how to make travel arrangements in Concur, start an Expense Report, use the Concur Mobile app, etc. is available through BU Travel Services:

BU travel policies are available at:

Hiring for your Laboratory

  • For non-student employees and volunteers: Please contact our OFGA Administrator
  • Student employees (Work-Study students, graduate students, UROP students): Please contact our Administrative Coordinator, Melissa Kelly (L-1004, for guidance.
  • Work Study: Undergraduate, graduate, and professional students can be hired through the Federal Work Study Program for work during the academic year and during the summer. General information is available through the Student Employment Office at: Please contact Melissa Kelly ( for guidance on posting work-study jobs.
  • UROP is the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program at Boston University, directed by Paul Lipton, Ph.D. ( UROP facilitates undergraduate participation in faculty-mentored research projects. Funding opportunities exist and the program is flexible, allowing research study in any academic area University-wide. Faculty mentors looking for a student researcher can place an advertisement at Student research awards (100% paid by UROP) and faculty matching grants (50% paid by UROP) are available. UROP staff and members of the UROP Faculty Advisory Committee are listed at: Projects may be undertaken at either the Charles River or Medical Campus, on a volunteer basis or for academic credit. Students can also apply for a student research award (100% paid by UROP) or for a Faculty Matching Grant (50% paid by UROP, 50% paid by faculty mentor. For more information, please visit  Please contact Melissa Kelly ( ) for paid UROP positions and volunteer UROP positions.