(Mentoring and Training in Cancer Health Disparities)

Trainees in the KOMEN MATCH post-baccalaureate program work under the project PI, Karen Freund, MD, MPH, combining hands-on involvement in the National Cancer Institute funded Patient Navigation Research Project (PNRP) or the AVON Breast Health Initiative with rigorous course of study and a degree program through the School of Public Health at Boston University. PNRP is the first multi-center program to examine the role and benefits of patient navigation. Each trainee works with the research team to conduct analyses utilizing the PNRP and AVON data under the mentorship of two faculty members in the Women’s Health Unit. Furthermore, each trainee will participate in existing research seminars designed for the General internal Medicine Fellowship trainees, thereby exposing them to other trainees conducting disparities research in addition to faculty in the Disparities Research Center on campus. As a result, trainees will be positioned to go on to conduct research in a variety of settings, including a senior position in a research group, working towards independent funding, a foundation position developing proposal requests, or a government position addressing health disparities from a research or policy viewpoint.