Our Track Record

OUR TRACK RECORD since the establishment of the facility:

Production of Transgenic Mice

  • Over 50 investigators have been involved in different Transgenic/Knockout projects, most in several ones
  • Approximately 1000 potential founder lines are produced per year
  • Average number of potential founders produced per project: 60
  • Average number of transgenic founders produced per project: 9

A few examples of projects injected in 2009-2011

  • Dr. Kenneth Walsh(Department of Medicine):Seventy-three potential  transgenic founders on C57Bl6 backround, sixteen of which were transgenic (22 % transgenic)
  • Drs. Gustavo Mostoslavsky and Darrell Kotton (Medidine and Evans Center): 3 ES cell injections with high yield Chimeratransgenic (19% transgenic)
  • Dr. Ellen Weinberg (CVI): IL33 KO ES cells with chimera obtained in first attempt

Production of knock out mice:

  • Several investigators at BU have been involved in one or more ES cell Injection projects.
  • On average, 20 chimeric pups per project are born.
  • The facility has been getting over 75% germline transmission.


  • Over 7,000 embryos derived from 40 different transgenic and Knockout lines have been cryopreserved in our facility.  Also, several viles of sperm have been frozen from lines which would not breed, or females were not available.

*The transgenic core has been supplying investigators with pathogen free animals for over ten years. Please refer to What is New in Our Facility for a list of recent publications

Boston University School of Medicine/Transgenic Knock Out Core Facility

Scientific Director of Transgenic/Knock out Core, Dr. Katya Ravid
Transgenic Specialist and Manager, Greg Martin

Primary teaching affiliate
of BU School of Medicine