Responsibilities: Core and Investigators


Responsibilities of the Investigator:

  • Provide the Facility with a completed CTF Application form (mice will not be ordered for the project until all paperwork is in).

In relation to transgenic work …

  • Provide the Facility with a construct (be sure to indicate DNA concentration) and a photo of the gel prepared according to the guidelines provided
  • Tail screening results should be reported within three weeks after receiving tail clips from the Facility
  • A new preparation of DNA should be provided if no Founders are identified after 25-30 pups have been born to the foster mice; the Investigator will be responsible for an additional fee for re- injection
  • Investigators wishing to inject onto strains other than FVB will be required to pay any expenses above a normal injection due to low embryo production or fertility of some strains.

In relation to ES cell work …

  • Provide the Facility with engineered ES cells (up to 2 clones of the same construct) ready to inject (assistance with the final stages of culturing would be available)

Responsibilities of the Facility:

  • The facility averages 18% founders from the potential founders that are produced. For each project a minimum of 30 potential founders will be generated.
  • The Facility will order the mice necessary for the project.

In relation to transgenic work …

  • The Facility will pay the cost for housing donors, fosters and pups (until Founders are identified, up to three weeks after tail biopsies have been given to the Investigator)
  • Injections will be done until 25-30 pups have been screened, at which time, if no Founders have been identified, the Investigator will be asked to prepare new DNA and accept an additional charge if injections are to continue

In relation to ES cell work …

  • Germ line transmission is expected, but will be evaluated depending on the quality of the ES cells
  • We are currently gearing up for provision of services, such as transfection of the targeting construct into ES cells, culturing and isolation of clones (please inquire with the facility)
Boston University School of Medicine/Transgenic Knock Out Core Facility

Scientific Director of Transgenic/Knock out Core, Dr. Katya Ravid
Transgenic Specialist and Manager, Greg Martin

Primary teaching affiliate
of BU School of Medicine