More Information (Nomenclature, Animal Housing, Acknowledging the Core)

Basic Nomenclature:

a mouse in which a foreign or endogenous gene is introduced
to the germ line. This is achieved by DNA injection to a one-cell
embryo, which is then allowed to develop in a foster mouse.

Transgene: the injected DNA integrated into the genome of transgenic mice.

Founder line: a line of mice derived from a mouse in which the DNA was integrated in a specific site in the chromosome. From an injection of one type of DNA construct, several founder lines can be established, depending on the integration site.

Knock out mouse: a mouse in which the expression of a specific gene is ablated due to targeted insertion of interfering DNA to a gene in embryonic stem cells (by homologous recombination).

Embryonic stem cells: cells derived from the inner mass of blastocysts (3-day embryos) and used for gene targeting by homologous recombination.

Chimeric mice: mice developing from blastocysts injected with pre-engineered embryonic stem cells.

Animal Housing:

All the procedures of housing (cage changing, feeding, health monitoring, pathogen-free procedures etc) are overseen by the Animal Science Center. A crew of animal technicians and barrier supervisor are available. Health monitoring is provided regularly by three veterinarians. Reports are distributed to the investigators.

Prior to breeding mice, each investigator will be trained in the use of a barrier facility. Also, an overview on mouse reproduction and breeding procedures will be provided. Such initial orientations are mandatory and to be coordinated between the investigator and personnel from the Laboratory Animal Science Center (tel: 617-638-4086). In addition, the staff in the transgenic core will be available for consultation at any time.