Initiation of Service: Fees and Agreement Form



Current Fees for Services
(Fees for Investigators at Boston University)

Transgenic Project
150-200 embryos implanted
$2,800.00 (FVB Strain)
Knockout Project
Freezing 250 Embryos $750.00
500 Embryos $1,100.00
Sperm $350.00
After frozen, annual fee for storage
Tail Biopsy
Beyond identification of founders (1-25 tails)
DNA Isolation from Tail Biopsies
25 Tails (1-25 tails)
Full Service Breeding Fee per month to be re-evaluated depending on size of colony $200.00
Line Derivation Fee ranges depending on mouse strain and type of project (inquire within the transgenic facility and LASC; $400-700
Generation of MEF’s
Embyro Transfer Transfer of Frozen Embryos into Swiss Webster Female $300.00
In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) See details in: $800.00

Other services are available upon inquiry (vesictomy, blood draw, ovarictomy, ect.).  Cost is based on time required.

PLEASE NOTE: As a result of an institution subsidy of all rates, the fees above can apply only to investigators at Boston University. Inquiries on updated charges are to be addressed to:
Mr. Greg Martin,
e-mail:; 617-638 – 5270

FEES FOR HOUSING MICE: Investigators pay housing for mice as per LASC rates. Please check for updated rates with LASC.

Milestones for Payments

For full review of milestones for payments click here (MilestonesForPayments)

Agreement Form and An Example of an Invoice for Milestones for Payments

1.  Agreement Form [Download Form in PDF Format]

I have read the entire Central Transgenic Facility Information Packet (including the section on Responsibilities).

Name: ____________________________

Signature: _________________________

Date: _____________________________

This form must be signed and returned to the Facility with the application before work will begin on the project.

Please send to:
Greg Martin
W-707 or K225,
Tel: 617-638 – 5270 / FAX 617-638 – 5271

2.  An Example of an Invoice [Download Form in PDF Format]

Boston University School of Medicine/Transgenic Knock Out Core Facility

Scientific Director of Transgenic/Knock out Core, Dr. Katya Ravid
Transgenic Specialist and Manager, Greg Martin