Facilities and Personnel


The transgenic facility at Boston University School of Medicine is located in an isolated suite within the Evans Biomedical research Center. The facility consists of two laboratories. These laboratories house a Leitz inverted microscope for injection of DNA and Embryonic stem cells into mouse embryos, which sits atop an anti-vibration table. The inverted microscope is outfitted with a heating and cooling stage, Leitz micromanipulators, and an eppendorph cell-tram. The DNA is injected using an eppendorph Femto-Jet microinjector.

Two microscopes are available for the isolation, and surgical implantation of manipulated embryos. The center also has a controlled rate freezer and storage system for use in the cryopreservation of important transgenic and knock-out lines. The suite also has 2 separate animal rooms, making it possible to house well over 1500 animals.

The Laboratory Animal Science Center (LASC) oversees all animal husbandry. The Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee has to approve all projects prior to development by the transgenic mice core. Protocols are to be submitted to: INSPIR and inquiries are to be addreseed to: inspir@bu.edu; iacuc@bu.edu

Transgenic Specialist and Manager; Assistant to the Director of LASC

Transgenic Specialist and Manager   Assistant to the Director at LASC

Lab used for microinjection of embryos with DNA and Embryonic Stem cells. Inverted microscope is outfitted with a heating and cooling stage, Leitz micromanipulators, and an Eppendorph cell-tram. An eppendorph Femto-Jet microinjector is used to inject DNA into embryos.


Boston University School of Medicine/Transgenic Knock Out Core Facility

Scientific Director of Transgenic/Knock out Core, Dr. Katya Ravid
Transgenic Specialist and Manager, Greg Martin