Graduate School Course:

Graduate School Course:
A course titled “Gene Targeting in Transgenic Mice” (GMC 776) is offered to all students at Boston University. Postdoctoral fellows too had often attended some of the lectures. The course presents a detailed overview of the theoretical principles that had guided the establishment of the transgenic and gene knock out technologies, practical considerations and overview of the theories, as well as review of studies involving the use of this art for elucidating mechanisms of diseases. Course Director, Dr. Katya Ravid, Professor of Medicine and Biochemistry, and Scientific Director of Boston University School of Medicine Transgenic Mouse Core.

Examples of our core movies used in the graduate course to illustrate technologies used to integrate DNA, followed by explanation of mechanisms, whether of homologous recombination or other:

Movie 1

Movie 2

Movie 3

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Learning practical aspects at our facility:

Selected trainees (1-2 per year) will be able to learn the art of producing transgenic mice, guided by personnel in our core.

Other courses:

Organizations such as Cold Spring Harbor Laboratories periodically offer courses on Mouse Embryo Development or Transgenic and Knock out Technologies. Also, Albert Einstein college of medicine organizes a yearly course on transgenic/knock out mouse production (

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