BUMC MBTA Parking Benefit Instructions

Save money by avoiding taxes each month on your work-related parking costs at MBTA transit stations.

Beginning Jan. 1, 2018, regular Boston University Medical Campus employees who order a MBTA pass through BUMC are eligible to set aside pre-tax dollars from their paycheck to pay for their work-related parking costs at MBTA transit stations (up to $265.00 per month).

Enroll and manage the amount you wish to contribute:

  • Through the Campus Services section within the Employee Self Service tab of BUworks.
  • Simply click “Apply/Manage MBTA Pass and MBTA Parking Benefits” from the appropriate campus services section and designate your monthly parking cost up to a maximum of $265.00 per month. (Weekly paid employees will pay a prorated weekly amount during the first four weeks of every month.)
  • You may change the amount of your contribution at any time.
  • The money you elect to be withheld pre-tax will be credited to an account in your name to be used to pay for your work-related parking expenses at transit stations.