BUMC Employees Subsidized MBTA pass

A 35-50 percent subsidy for monthly MBTA passes ordered through Boston University is available to all regular faculty and staff! Please read the rules and regulations below. For the list of monthly MBTA pass types and costs please visit Cost per month with subsidy effective  .

To enroll in the program or manage your existing order, follow these steps.

  • Log into www.bu.edu/buworks
  • Click on Employee Self-Service
  • Click on Campus Services
  • Click the appropriate action within the Medical Campus Parking and Transportation Services section.

Please note, the deadline to apply, cancel, or change your pass type is the 10th of the prior month. For example: The deadline to apply for January is Dec. 10.

All MBTA passes will be ready for pick up during the last two business days of the prior month. We will hold onto all MBTA passes until it is picked up.

Rules & Regulations

  • To participate, you must be a regular BUMC faculty or staff member and order your monthly MBTA pass through Boston University.
  • You may only purchase a monthly MBTA pass through Boston University for your personal use.
  • You MAY NOT simultaneously hold a University-provided parking permit and University-provided MBTA pass.
  • Eligible employees will received a subsidized monthly MBTA pass as follows:
    • 35 percent subsidy for Local Bus, Inner and Outer Express Bus, Subway (LinkPass), Commuter Rail Zone 1A and Senior passes
    • 50 percent subsidy for Boat and Commuter Rail Zone 1-10 (excluding 1A) passes
  • The remaining cost of the monthly pass will be pre-tax payroll deducted (up to a combined total of $255); any amount above that will be deducted after tax.
  • Payroll deduction will be made the month prior to issuance of the MBTA pass.
  • For all employees paid WEEKLY, you must apply/change/cancel your MBTA pass SIX WEEKS prior to the preferred month. Example: To cancel your May pass, you must cancel in mid-March.
  • For all MONTHLY paid employees, you must apply/change/cancel your MBTA pass before the 10th of the previous month. Example: For May, you must apply by April 10.