Boston Medical Center Employees

A 35% discount is available to eligible, BMC employees by payroll deduction only.

To be eligible you must be:
A FULL TIME BMC employee (residents are eligible) and on the BMC payroll.

You are not eligible if:

  • are regularly scheduled to work less than 24 hours per week
  • are a temporary employee
  • are a volunteer at BMC
  • are a Boston University Employee or Student
  • have a parking permit* through payroll deduction

    * Please note that if you are currently parking and want to change to the MBTA, you MUST cancel your parking.

Eligible Boston Medical Center Employees are able to purchase discounted MBTA passes through payroll deduction only. Payments will be deducted in three installments during the month (Please be advised that you MUST order your passes a full six weeks before you need the pass because of payroll accounting. For example: if you need a March pass, you must apply by January 15th.)

To enroll, change, or cancel your MBTA pass, please print and fill out the application, which can be found on the right hand side under ‘Forms’, and send it to the BMC Payroll Office, 85 East Concord St. or fax to 617-414-1617.

Depending on your department, reserved passes will either need to be picked up at the cashier’s window in the Newton Pavilion during the last four business days of the month or delivered with your paycheck. Please check with your manager to find out the procedure for your department.

Non Discounted passes may be bought at the Newton Pavilion cashiers window during the last 4 business days of the month. In addition, T passes are available by mail, by phone and at designed MBTA/Commuter Rail locations and retail outlets.

Boston Medical Center is not responsible for lost or stolen cards.