MBTA Service

The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) provides bus service to the BU Medical Campus (BUMC) and Boston Medical Center (BMC) area. The area is accessible to the Red, Green, Orange, and Blue Lines. There are direct bus connections from the following subway stations:

2010 BUS sub-connections

Click here for the MBTA Bus Stop Campus Map.

Buses leave regularly from bus shelters on East Newton Street, East Concord Street and Massachusetts Avenue. For more information, visit the transportation kiosks or call 617-358-3506. You may also visit the MBTA’s Web page at http://www.mbta.com/

Transportation kiosks providing free transportation information including MBTA bus and train schedules, maps, and shuttle bus schedules are located in the School of Medicine (adjacent to Student Affairs Office), in the lobby of the School of Dental Medicine, in the School of Public Health in the alcove in T2C. Kiosks are also located throughout the lobbies of Boston Medical Center.

The only change is riders buying Zone 1 monthly passes to commute to/from South Station or JFK/UMASS to/from Quincy Center, as only a Zone 1A is needed during the disruption. 

Quincy Center Commuter Rail Changes & Wollaston Station Closure

Learn more about the South Station Expansion Project

For more transportation information or personalized assistance with your commute, call TranSComm at 617-358-3506.

BUMC Employees – CLICK HERE to enroll for the subsidized MBTA pass program.

BUMC Students – CLICK HERE to sign up for an MBTA semester pass.  Lost your semester pass? Email us to get a replacement.

BMC Employees – CLICK HERE for more information on how to sign up for a subsidized MBTA pass.

Forms can also be found HERE.

Useful Links:

  • MBTA Trip Planner:  Find the best way to get to BMC/BUMC using MBTA services.
  • MBTA Schedules: The most up-to-date schedules for MBTA buses, transit, and commuter rail.
  • MBTA Applications for Real-Time Information:  Find out when the next bus or train departs from your stop.
  • MBTA T-Alerts:  Sign up to receive instant notification to your email or cell phone if your specific subway, train, or bus is experiencing delays in service.

Working or studying late and need an escort back to the bus stop? Call the Public Safety Office for an Escort!