Electric Vehicle

It is with great pleasure that TranSComm is able to acquire 6 dual Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations for the BMC/BUMC community in the 710 & 610 Albany St. garages.

EV users may take advantage of electricity from 4 of our dual 240V charging plugs in the 710 Albany St. garage and 2 of our dual 240V charging plugs in the 610 Albany St. garage. The charging will now be free for the first four hours and  $10 hourly fee (after 4 free hours) A total of 8 charging spaces in 710 garage and 4 charging spaces in 610 garage are available.

The cost of charging will be charged to a driver’s  ChargePoint card.  Make sure it has been set-up to use at “for pay” charging stations. To do this, you need to log in to your personal  ChargePoint driver account and provide your credit card details. If you do not have a ChargePoint card, you can get one at www.chargepoint.com or by calling 888-758-4389.

The EV stations are located on the street level of the 710 Albany Street garage located at the corner of Albany and East Concord street.  The charging stations are not restricted to the BUMC/BMC community as EV owners from the neighborhood may also take advantage of our green machines if they pay hourly parking in order to gain access to the 710 Albany parking garage.  We ask that all users adhere to the four-hour charging limit in order to make this service available to all.

Due to our grant from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts “MassDEP”, we have been able to provide these EV charging stations in both garages! As well as, upgraded our first generation stations to DUAL machines, added additional EV stations and parking spaces in the 710 Albany St. garage. We are extremely thankful for the grant they have provided us with. THANK YOU MASSDEP!!!


BUMC/BMC Employees/Students/Public Users

In order to make this service easily accessible and available to all, please note the following:

– Employees may charge their vehicles for four hours maximum. Charging will now be free for the first four hours and $10 hourly fee (after 4 free hours). Vehicle owners interested in using the charging stations must register at the TranSComm office located at 710 Albany Street (Monday-Friday, 9 a.m.-5 p.m).

– We have 4 dual charging stations at 710 Albany St. garage with 8 available charging spaces. 2 dual charging stations at 610 Albany St. garage with 4 available charging spaces.

– Drivers must move their cars to their original parking site after four hours of charging.

– Drivers who pay for parking in the 710 garage must move their car to another spot in the garage as others are waiting to charge their vehicles. 

– Non-BUMC parkers must pay hourly parking rates for entry to the 710 Albany Street garage. Please check with the parking office for rates. 

– Garage ID access records will be checked frequently. If electric vehicle owners are found to be abusing this system, they will lose charging privileges.


So, be our guest and rev up your EV!

Please fill out the Electric vehicle application form to register.

Questions?  Call TranSComm at 617-358-3506.