Carpool, Vanpool, Hybrid & Electric Vehicle Charging

The Carpool, Vanpool & Hybrid Program is ONLY for the 610 Albany Street Garage.

On the first level of the 610 Albany Street garage, there are designated parking spaces available for carpool, vanpool and hybrid cars. Carpooling saves time and money and helps relieve traffic congestion and improve air quality!

Two or more persons commuting together can register for a carpool sticker.

  • Both carpoolers must come to our office together in order to register.

Vanpoolers can also park in the preferential parking spots, after registering with our office.

Hybrid car’s owners may also register for a hybrid sticker.

  • Only vehicles with ID badge access to carpool/hybrid section will be allowed to park in the preferential parking area.

Registration Procedure


At the TranSComm/Parking Office, 710 Albany St., street level

  • Complete the Carpool, Vanpool or Hybrid registration, which can also be found on the right hand side under ‘Forms’.
  • Each member of the carpool must sign the BUMC Carpool registration and bring it to the TranSComm/ Parking Office to obtain your carpool/hybrid sticker TOGETHER.
  • The principal driver is responsible for ensuring that parking fees are paid, either through payroll deduction or by prepayment.
  • When carpooling, both participants must enter the garage in the same vehicle together. Unfortunately, you may not drop off your additional carpooler and enter alone.

Please call the TranSComm Office at 617-358-3506 if you have any questions.

Electric Vehicle Charging


We are proud to have Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations on the first floor of the 710 Albany Street & 610 Albany Street garages. The charging stations, manufactured by Coulomb Technologies and installed by Voltrek, are part of the vast Charge Point Network which allows users to find and reserve charging stations using a mobile application almost anywhere in the nation.

The grant from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts “MassDEP”, enables us to provide these EV charging stations in both garages, upgraded our first generation stations to DUAL machines, added additional EV stations and parking spaces in the 710 and 610 Albany Street garages. We are extremely thankful for the grant.

Have an electric vehicle and want to charge it? Click here for more information.

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