Borrowed Belongings

Members of the BMC/BUMC community may participate in our borrowed belongings program!

Reading and Riding Library

The TranSComm Reading and Riding Library has a solid collection of  books for public transit users. The library is located in the lobby of our office located at 710 Albany Street. A log is located next to it. Commuters may borrow a book for however long they need to read it. We practice the honor system, but we do ask that you provide your name and contact information on the log.

Have a book  to donate? Drop them off at TranSComm!


“Let It Rain!”

Bostonians can’t always depend on meteorologists . Clouds roll in and sounds of thunder are heard in the distance. TranSComm hopes to keep cyclists and walkers dry if they need to walk home or take the T. Cyclists may leave their bikes on campus and head to our office to borrow an umbrella as TranSComm have lots of umbrellas to loan! So truly, let it rain! If you would like to borrow one, simply stop by our office and sign one out with your name and contact information.


Bike Lock Borrow

With hundreds of cyclists subscribing to our bike cages, TranSComm acknowledges that someone is bound to forget his or her bike lock every so often. Cyclists may borrow a bike lock up to 48 hours after providing us with their ID number and a photocopy of their BU/BMC ID.