Bike Cage / Application

Inside the 710 Albany Street bike cage

Interested in having access to our secured and private bike cage?

Please turn in a payment of $20 along with your Bike Cage Application at 710 Albany Street for bike cage access.

Gas-powered bikes or scooters are not permitted to park inside the bike cages.  Any violation of this rule will result in immediate removal of bike cage access.

BUMC is not responsible for any loss, theft or damage to bicycles or belongings inside the bike cages.

Bike Cage:

710 Albany Street

  • Behind the 710 Albany Street Garage

Bike racks:

610 & 710 Albany Street Garages:

  • These racks are sheltered from the weather
  • On-site attendant

BMC Menino Pavilion:

  • Albany St. outside the Emergency Entrance

Boston University Medical Campus:

  • East Concord St. in front of the Medical School
  • East Concord St. close to the Talbot building