Biking to BUMC/BMC

The map below shows the exact locations of the bike cages & racks.

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Proper Bike Locking Techniques

Bicycle Safety, Tune-Ups, and Tips

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Biking to the BU Medical Campus/Boston Medical Center  is super easy, as many of the neighboring streets have bike lanes and there is plenty of bike parking locations in the area.

At BUMC/BMC, there are a handful of bike racks all over campus and one secured bike cage for the use of all members of our community.

  • The cages are sheltered from the weather and can be accessed with your ID badge.
  • The annual fee for bike cage access is $20 and may be payed using a credit/debit card.

If you are interested in getting access to the bike cages, please click here.

*Reminder: If you forget your bike lock, please come to the TranSComm office – we are happy to let you borrow one!*

    Bike Safety: 


    Watch the video below to understand how to park your bike at the 710 Albany Street Garage Bike Cage:


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