Biking to BMC/BUMC

Biking to BMC/BUMC is very easy as many of the neighboring streets have bike lanes & there is plenty of bike parking in the neighborhood.

Around the BMC/BUMC area, there are many bike racks and three secured bike cages for all members of the medical community to use. The racks, which are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, are not reserved but are on a “first-come/ first-served” basis. The cages are sheltered from the weather and can be accessed by your ID badge. The annual fee for the bike cages is $20. The map below shows the exact locations of the bike cages & racks.

Bike racks and cages locations

If you are interested in applying for bike cage access, please click here.

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Register your bike with the BU Police Department.

Please don’t lock your bike to anything other than a bike rack or cage; Public Safety will have bikes improperly locked removed.

Some examples of what not to do:

photo 1 photo 3



Bike Cages:

East Newton St.  & 710 Albany St Garage

  • East Newton St. at the Atrium Pavilion near the Dental School, “under” the Medical Center cafeteria.
  • Behind the 710 Albany St Garage.

Watch the video below to understand how to park your bike at the 710 Albany St Garage Bike Cage:

Bike racks:

610 & 710 Albany Street Garages:

  • These racks are sheltered from the weather
  • On-site attendant

BMC Menino Pavilion

  • Albany St. outside the Emergency Entrance

Boston University Medical Campus

  • East Concord St. in front of the Medical School
  • East Concord St. close to the Talbot building


Bike Safety: 


Have a Hubway membership? Click here to see where the stations are on campus.

For more information on Hubway and the BUMC and BMC discount, click here.

Bike Week 2014 was a huge success! Team BUMC finished first in the MassCommute Bicycle Challenge. Click here to read more about Bike Week 2014.

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