Frequently Asked Questions

Who are we?
We are a transportation management association (TMA) that coordinates the transportation needs of the Medical Center community in the Albany Street neighborhood of Boston’s lower South End. TranSComm represents an innovative way to solve transportation problems.

What do we do?
We develop employee programs that promote alternatives to driving alone and enhance accessibility in the Albany Street and South End corridor.

How do we do this?
We collaborate with a representative from your company to design the following programs as needed:
• Personalized Commuter Assistance
• Public Transit Accessibility
• MBTA pass program
• Carpooling/vanpooling
• Emergency Ride Home
• Bicycling
• Walking
• Pedestrian Safety
• Transportation Orientation

What are the benefits of TranSComm?
Utilizing TranSComm’s programs:
• Attracts and recruits new employees
• Retains valuable employees
• Increases productivity in the workplace
• Reduces parking expenses and demand
• Eases traffic congestion and air pollution
• Assists with mandatory Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) reporting
• Satisfies City of Boston Transportation Access requirements
• Advocates with MBTA for expanded and reliable service
• Collaborates with neighborhood businesses for improved transportation options (e.g. local shuttle services)
• Works with city officials to advocate for better lighting, signage, crosswalks, etc.

What do employees receive from TranSComm?
• Customized commuter assistance
• Rideshare matching for carpools and vanpools
• On-line transportation information
• Convenient MBTA pass programs
• Access to current transportation information
• On-site company transportation advocate
• Stress reduction related to driving alone
• Increased employee mobility

Where is TranSComm located?
We are located at 710 Albany Street, Boston, MA 02118-2515.
We may be reached by phone at (617) 358-3506, fax at (617) 638-7176, or email at bumctramnscomm@gmail.com