Better Bus Project: MBTA Board Moves Forward with Near-Term Route Changes

Better Bus Project


Final Package of Near-Term Route Changes Moving Ahead

We are pleased to announce that today, the MBTA’s Fiscal and Management Control Board (FMCB) took the final step to approve the final package of 36 near-term changes to bus service. This package includes 27 of the original 47 proposals we released in January for public input, and 9 proposals with modifications based on what we heard from you. These changes will provide more frequent and reliable service, and a small number of new connections, across 50 existing bus routes. Learn more about the approved changes.

We also want to thank all of you for participating in this step of the process, and the feedback you gave us over the last year that helped shape this final package of changes. This past winter, we collected 3,500 discrete comments on the original 47 near-term proposals to update and modernize existing bus service. Over six weeks of intensive public engagement, the MBTA had over 2,500 in-person interactions across about 75 meetings, briefings, and street teams. This feedback allowed us to consider some issues that had not been previously identified and modify the package of proposals.

The majority of the FMCB approved changes will be implemented in the Fall of 2019 and Winter of 2020, with a few additional changes occurring later pending continued coordination with outside public and private entities. Remaining changes that still require working with external partners with be implemented once improvements are made. As the Fall 2019, Winter 2020, and subsequent service changes approach, we will begin to share information about detailed changes to riders before they are implemented. 

Our Multi-Year Investment Strategy

We’ve also been working with the FMCB to secure funding for future, long-term changes to the bus network. Implementation of the final 36 proposals will be done simultaneously with an initial investment in the FY20 budget of an additional 45 Bus Operators to support off-peak service on the MBTA’s top 40 routes/corridors.

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A report summarizing the Near-Term Changes and our outreach process will be posted to the project website at in the coming weeks. You can also visit the website to learn more about the project, sign up for email updates, and review project materials.

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Preliminary feedback from MBTA’s outreach process to the Fiscal Management and Control Board (FMCB) on March 25:

Proposed package that was approved by the FMCB on April 8:

The Better Bus Project website will be updated ( later this month with additional information about the approved package proposals and the beginnings of the MBTA’s implementation plans.