CT1 Bus Elimination: Petition to keep CT1 Bus

Elimination of CT1 Bus

As you might have now heard, the MBTA is looking to eliminate the CT1 Bus in response of The Better Bus Project.

MBTA Proposal for Elimination

The CT1 bus has been serving students, employees and patients at the Boston University Medical Campus (BUMC) and the Boston Medical Center (BMC). The CT1 bus service provides convenience to patients to have easy access to BMC. In addition, the CT1 bus service provides “limited” stops, which decreases the commute time for our users. The loss of the CT1 bus will be significant to our community.

We are disappointed in this news, as many of our students, employees and patients utilize this resource. In response, we have started a petition asking for signatures and comments from anyone who would like to support our efforts – to show the MBTA that we in fact NEED the CT1 bus to stay!

If you or anyone you know are interested in supporting or spreading the word, we have a petition at our office (710 Albany St.); all are welcomed to sign.

We will be having a meeting with members of the MBTA in February and hope to be able to provide them with all the signatures and support as to why the CT1 should not be eliminated.

The MBTA will be accepting feedback on this proposal via the online feedback form until March 13th, 2019.

Thank you for your support!