Attention: Red line users (Braintree Line)

Starting on Monday, January 8, 2018, Wollaston station on the Red Line in Quincy will be closed for renovations that are planned to last 20 months. Given the disruption to an existing Red Line station, the MBTA will be setting Quincy Center to Zone 1A and accepting monthly CharlieCard LINK passes on Commuter Rail for trips between Quincy Center and JFK/UMASS and South Station to give riders additional transit options.
The only change is riders buying Zone 1 monthly passes to commute to/from South Station or JFK/UMASS to/from Quincy Center, as only a Zone 1A is needed during the disruption. 

Quincy Center Commuter Rail Changes & Wollaston Station Closure



New BU Employee Commuter Benefits!

Bicycle Commuter Benefit

MBTA Parking Benefit

Click on the link for more information!





**2018 Carpool & Hybrid permits are now available at the TranSComm office. Please obtain your new pass by Jan. 1st, 2018 in order to retain access to the preferential parking area. Anyone who has not picked up their pass by this date will have their access revoked.**

A brand new gate has been installed in the 610 garage for preferential parkers and will be active Monday October 30th, 2017!

This gate will have access to the first level for any members of our Carpooling, Hybrid, and EV programs.

If you have already signed up for these programs and do not currently hold a 2017 hang tag or sticker please come to our office to update this.

Anyone who does not hold an active pass will not have access to this area.


If you have 610 parking and carpooling or driving a Hybrid or EV and would like to be apart of our program, to have access to the first level; please come to our office to fill out a form!


Click HERE for more details!

Please let us know if you have any questions!


MBTA: Questions, Comments, and Conerns

If anyone has any questions, comments, or concerns about the MBTA or your pass, please email us in regards to this. We would be happy to forward this to the MBTA in hopes to improve your experience for the future!



Check out our two secured and sheltered bike cages!

$20 = access to both bike cages for a full year from the date you sign up. Equipped with maintenance stands w/ tools and bike pumps!

(ID Badge access only)

Bike Cage Application


**710 Albany St. Bike Cage** (Behind 710 Parking Garage)
710 bike cage maintenance stand

back bike cage710 inside cage 2

710 inside cage

**E. Newton Bike Cage** (Between Newton Pavilion and BU Dental School)

maintenance stand




Drop by our office for some awesome FREE bike lights!

They’re great for cyclists, walkers, or even as a flash light!

Helmets are always $5, adult and children’s sizes available.



Major Hubway expansion in Boston announced


bike share

Hubway will soon begin its largest single expansion since the system’s launch in 2011. More than 70 new stations will be added in Boston over the next 2 years, a 55%+ increase across the City, and the Hubway network in Cambridge, Somerville, and Brookline will grow as well. Beginning in September, workshops will be held in neighborhoods across the City to help find the best locations for these new stations. Find a workshop.

Can’t make it to a workshop? Suggest a station here!

New Station! Cambridge DPW is Hubway’s 46th station to launch in the City of Cambridge, and 189th overall. More -> 





MassCommute Bicycle Challenge 2017

#MCBC2017 Results Are In!

Thanks to everyone who participated, BUMC landed 2nd place for Schools (1000-4999 people)

Congrats to our winning teams & individuals & thanks for taking the Challenge.



Find a complete list of winners here & below


Get your #MCBC2017 BIKE T-SHIRTS!

Come to our office to purchase yours for only $8 or 2 for $10!!!

“Be OutSPOKEn”



zaipcar pvernight

 Zipcar’s overnight discount continues to be a great option for when your workday gets away from you and need any easy way home (and back the next day). From 6 PM–8:30 AM the next morning (M–TH), a full night and morning of zipping is just $29. So now you can work it up—or live it up!



Boston to Lower Speed Limit to 25 MPH 


25mph  Starting January 9, 2017, Boston will officially enact a new city-wide speed limit – lowering the maximum speed from 30 to 25 MPH. Boston City Council approved the measure back in November  in an effort to support Mayor Walsh’s Vision Zero Boston initiative, which aims to reduce traffic fatalities and serious injuries  to 0 by 2030. Starting January 9th, unless otherwise posted, the speed limit throughout the city will be 25 MPH. For more information, visit boston.gov/25mph 




BUMC now offers subsidized MBTA passes for all regular faculty and staff! Visit our BUMC Employee MBTA page for the full details! 





As always, Bike helmets are $5 at our office!

Adults and Children sizes available:

Children: Ages 3-5, 5-8, 8-14

Adults: Sizes S-M, M-L, XL

Please feel free to come to try them on!


helmets cartoon imagehelmet fitting


City’s Vision Zero Project

The City of Boston is currently working on the City’s Vision Zero Project,

a project with the aim to reduce pedestrian/cycling fatalities to zero and reduce crashes city-wide.

Tell us your concern here.




TranSComm offers a discounted annual membership rate to HUBWAY for $52.50 (regular price: $99)!

If you are a BUMC student/employee, BMC employee, or BHCHP employee you are eligible for this offer!

Please email us at BUMCTranSComm@gmail.com for further information.



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