Program Description and Rotations

The Surgery Residency Program is a five-year program with five categorical residents per year. Residents have the option of pursuing a research fellowship during their residency training. The clinical training program is a hands-on experience with residents performing operations beginning in their intern year. The program graduates caring, capable physicians who are highly competent technicians. The majority of our residents pursue additional fellowship training.

Clinical Sites

All elective admissions to the BMC general surgery service come through an outpatient clinic system in which the residents are full and central participants. All clinic sessions are attended by a full-time faculty member who is responsible for supervision of the house staff in the clinic setting. Residents assigned to clinics see preoperative and postoperative patients with the attending staff on their service.

Most of the elective admissions to the Boston VA come from the outpatient clinic which, similar to the BMC is staffed by residents and supervised by attendings. The VA runs combined general surgery/vascular surgery clinics and GI clinic. All patients in these clinics are seen by surgical house staff with direct attending supervision. These clinics handle a large volume of patient visits per year and provide residents with thorough preoperative and postoperative involvement with their patients.

Subspecialty experience includes rotations in urology, orthopaedics, cardiothoracic surgery, plastic surgery, otolaryngology and pediatric surgery. Rotations during the intern year are four weeks in duration. The second year includes rotations in the surgical intensive care units.


PGY Level Rotation Length (weeks) Location
Core Rotations 
1 Surgical Oncology (Mozden Service) 12 Boston Medical Center
1 Vascular Surgery (Smithwick Service) 8 Boston Medical Center
1 Surgical Critical Care 4 Boston Medical Center
1 Trauma Surgery/General Surgery 8 Boston Medical Center
1 Pediatric Surgery 4 Boston Medical Center
1 General Surgery 8 VA Boston
1 Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS) 4 Boston Medical Center
Additional Rotations (if experience required, designated preliminary residents) 
1 Cardiothoracic Surgery 4 VA Boston
1 Plastic Surgery 4 Boston Medical Center
1 Anesthesia 4 Boston Medical Center
1 Orthopaedic Surgery 4 Boston Medical Center
1 Urology 4 VA Boston
1 Otolaryngology 4 VA Boston
1 Emergency Medicine 4 Boston Medical Center
2 Surgical Critical Care  14 Boston Medical Center
2 General Surgery  22 Cape Cod Hospital
2 General Surgery  16 VA Boston
3 General Surgery 12 Cape Cod Hospital
3 Pediatric Surgery 4 Boston Children’s Hospital
3 General Surgery (Trauma Consult Service) 24 Boston Medical Center
3 Vascular Surgery (Smithwick Service) 12 Boston Medical Center
4 Trauma Surgery/General Surgery 20 Boston Medical Center
4 Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS)/Cardiothoracic Surgery 16 Boston Medical Center
4 General Surgery 8 Cape Cod Hospital
4 Surgical Oncology (Mozden Service) 8 Boston Medical Center
5 Surgical Oncology (Mozden Service) 12 Boston Medical Center
5 Trauma Surgery/General Surgery 14 Boston Medical Center
5 Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS)/Cardiothoracic Surgery 12 Boston Medical Center
5 General Surgery 14 VA Boston

Broad experience of surgical cases on each service allows our graduates to meet all ABS requirements.