Recent BMC/BUSM Media Coverage of Boston Marathon Bombings

April 24th, 2013

4/16/13 – New York Times: Doctors Saved Lives, if Not Legs, in Boston

4/16/13 – WBUR: ER Doctor Describes Bombing Aftermath

4/16/13 – NECN: 19 patients still at Boston Medical Center

4/16/13 – The Boston Globe: Boston doctors: Pellets, nails removed from patients from the marathon

4/16/13 – International Business Times: Meet Jeff Bauman: Boston Bombing Victim In Graphic Wheelchair Photo Now In Stable Condition

4/16/13 – The Boston Globe: Marathon victims had nails, pellets in wounds

4/17/13 – The Boston Globe: Victims of explosions are facing a long road ahead

4/17/13 – BU Today: Eyewitness to Terror

4/17/13 – Bloomberg: Boston Hospitals Lean on 9/11 Lessons in Swift Response

4/27/13 – The Washington Post: Boston doctor: Lots of shrapnel found inside bomb victims

4/17/13 – WBUR: Rehab Facilities Prepare To Take In Marathon Bombing Victims

4/17/13 – USA Today: Doctor: Still don’t know all damage done by Boston bomb

4/17/13 – Boston Herald: Boston medical workers go above and beyond

4/18/13 – Huffington Post: Boston Marathon Bombing Causes Injuries To 3 Family Members

4/18/13 – FoxNews: Boston Medical Center copes with aftermath of marathon bombing

4/18/13 – USA Today: Tourniquets at Boston blasts were life savers

4/21/13 – The Boston Globe: In an instant, emergency dept. became a wartime hospital

4/22/13 – The Republic: Doctors discuss long-term recovery of Boston Marathon bombing victims

4/22/13 – Los Angeles Times: Boston double amputee, daughter hospitalized together

4/22/13 – WCVB: Boston Medical Center says amputation patients ‘on road to recovery’

4/22/13 – NECN: BMC: Amputation victims on road to recovery

4/22/13 – WHDH: Doctors discuss recovery of marathon victims

4/22/13 – Huffington Post: Natalie Stavas, Boston Doctor, Ran Marathon On Broken Foot And Then Helped Bombing Victims

4/22/13 – CBS: Dancer Loses Foot In Boston Marathon Bombings

4/22/13 – CNN Anderson Cooper 360:  Bombing survivor who lost foot: Dance is my life

4/23/13 – The Republican (MassLive): Ryan McMahon released from hospital after being injured in chaos that followed Boston bombings

4/23/13 – Bloomberg: Amputee Veterans Bring Message of Hope to Boston Victims

4/23/13 – Bloomberg: Boston Marathon victims helping each other heal

4/23/13 – Marines who triumphed over injuries bring hope to Boston Marathon attack victims

4/24/13 – Bloomberg: Boston Bombing Victims Start Rehab, Meet Amputee Veterans

4/27/13 – ‘Citizen Artists’ Soothe Injured And Staff At Boston Medical Center

4/27/13 – Matt Reis recalls marathon bombing horror

4/30/13 – USA Today: Chesney starts fund to help Boston bombing victims

5/1/13 – NPR: Mother And Daughter Injured In Boston Bombing Face New Future

5/1/13 – WBUR: CommonHealth: Lessons From The Battlefield Saves Marathon Victims

5/2/13 – Magic 106.7: Exceptional Women Podcasts – Dr. Tracey Dechert

5/2/13 – NPR: Recovery Begins For Mother, Daughter Injured In Boston

5/5/13 – The Boston Globe: Drills helped Boston Medical Center rise to occasion

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