Saving a Mother’s Song

January 31st, 2013


With the fear that her children might never hear her voice again, Laurie recorded herself singing lullabies before going into surgery just days after her diagnosis.

Advanced monitoring during surgery to remove thyroid cancer helped avoid risks to Laurie’s vocal nerve

As a mother of three young children with a busy academic career at Emmanuel College, Laurie Johnston, PhD, was blindsided when her doctor discovered a lump in her neck during a routine physical in July 2012. Within a week, she underwent a thyroid ultrasound and biopsy, which confirmed her doctor’s suspicion of thyroid cancer.

Although she barely had time to comprehend the gravity of her diagnosis, Laurie was determined to find the best care team available for her case. She contacted Gerard Doherty, MD, chief of surgery at Boston Medical Center, on the recommendation of her sister-in-law,
who works in the medical field.

Read more about Laurie’s story in Boston Medical Center’s Inspire Newsletter

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