Planning Events

The following document contains much of the relevant information for leaders of student organizations. It is critical that student leaders become intimately familiar with the contents of this document before the beginning of the semester. Leaders from each organization are responsible for ensuring that all officers of their organization are familiar with these policies.

Planning an Event

Student organizations that wish to plan an event must do so more than 6 weeks ahead of time if possible. It is strongly recommended not to plan events sooner than this, as there are multiple steps that require approval from a third party. If these steps are not completed before the date of your event, you may not be allowed to have the event.

The following is the basic outline for planning an event at BUSM:

  1. Come up with an idea for an event
  2. Gather support for your event from classmates and/or faculty
  3. Book a room if necessary
  4. Check calendar to avoid more than one organizational event that day
  5. Submit a funding request to SCOMSA if necessary
  6. Ensure you have secured all necessary funding for food, Educational Media Center (EMC), etc.
  7. Advertise the event (see details below)
  8. Have the event
  9. Submit for reimbursement for previously approved SCOMSA funds within a week after the event.

Scheduling a Room:

To schedule a room, please use the Student Organization space request form AT LEAST one week before the event. Liz Gallagher in the Office of Student Affairs will approve your request if appropriate. When specifying A/V needs, please see the EMC section of this document to become familiar with what services and items are permitted by SCOMSA and which are not.

Educational Media Center Costs:

When planning an event, take into consideration the costs associated with using EMC services. These costs can add up quickly, and are often not necessary for the types of events that student groups have. Group requests for EMC services will be considered critically, and we will request modification of your request if it is considered excessive. There will be a total $500 cap on EMC services for each group in a given academic year. All expenses beyond this cap will have to be funded by non-SCOMSA sources.

While EMC offers many services and items for rent, not all will be allowed at student organization events that are being funded by SCOMSA. These are services which are considered unnecessary, or that could easily be provided by one of the student organization leaders. For example, renting a laptop has a significant cost associated with it, so student leaders must bring their own laptops. If you want to have one of these items, please explain why there should be an exception in your funding request. Each request will be considered equally.

The following list of costs should apply for the 2009/2010 year. These costs may change and will be confirmed by EMC. Costs differ based on whether the items are delivered to the event or if the items are picked up at the EMC offices. Items in red are generally NOT ALLOWED and will not be funded unless specifically approved. Labor rates are not included and will be added by EMC should there be any. Student organizations do not pay to use rooms on the Medical Campus. If an organization has questions regarding EMC or Facilities Management costs, they should direct the questions to Liz Gallagher in the Office of Student Affairs who will work with EMC and Facilities. Students should not go to EMC for any reason other than to drop off a poster they may have announcing an event.

Item/Service Price
VHS Player (DELIVER) $35
VHS Player (PICK-UP) $30
DVD Player (DELIVER) $25
DVD Player (PICK-UP) $20
20″ Monitor (DELIVER) $25
20″ Monitor (PICK-UP) $20
26″ Monitor (DELIVER) $25
26″ Monitor (PICK-UP) $20
LCD Projector $150
Overhead Projector (DELIVER) $15
Overhead Projector (PICK-UP) $10
Wireless Remote (DELIVER) $25
Wireless Remote (PICK-UP) $20
Fast Fold $150
Projection Screen 6′ (DELIVER) $10
Projection Screen 6′ (PICK-UP) $15
Laser Pointer (DELIVER) $15
Laser Pointer (PICK-UP) $10
VGA Cable 15′ $15
VGA Cable 25′ $15
VGA Cable 50′ $20
CD Player $30
Cassette Recorder (DELIVER) $15
Cassette Recorder (PICK-UP) $10
Audio Recorder/Digital (DELIVER) $30
Audio Recorder/Digital (PICK-UP) $25
Power Amplifier (DELIVER) $10
Power Amplifier (PICK-UP) $5
P.A. System – Large (DELIVER) $85
Additional Speaker $20
4 Inputs Mic. Mixer (DELIVER) $10
4 Inputs Mic. Mixer (PICK-UP) $5
8 Inputs Mic. Mixer (DELIVER) $20
8 Inputs Mic. Mixer (PICK-UP) $10
P.A. / Table Top Lectern (DELIVER) $40
P.A. / Table Top Lectern (PICK-UP) $35
P.A. / Standing Lectern (DELIVER) $45
P.A. / Standing Lectern (PICK-UP) $40
Lavaliere Microphone (DELIVER) $15
Lavaliere Microphone (PICK-UP) $10
Table Microphone (DELIVER) $15
Table Microphone (PICK-UP) $10
Floor Microphone (DELIVER) $10
Floor Microphone (PICK-UP) $5
PZM Microphone (DELIVER) $20
PZM Microphone (PICK-UP) $10
Wireless Microphone (DELIVER) $25
Wireless Microphone (PICK-UP) $15
Extension Cord (DELIVER) $10
Extension Cord (PICK-UP) $5
Flip Chart (DELIVER) $10
Flip Chart (PICK-UP) $5
Easel (DELIVER) $15
Easel (PICK-UP) $10
Laptop Rental $135


Advertising an event:

  • Typically announcements are permitted to run on the TV displays for 7 days before the event.
  • There is one frame behind the Public Safety desk runs all BUMC upcoming events (starting 7 days before event).
  • The basement has a panel dedicated panel for each school and GMS.
  • The panel on the way to Bakst is a spot that was intended for student communication as well- currently used for BUSM upcoming and today’s events but can be used for student  advertisement if necessary.
  • Please email Jessica Smith ( to request the Template that is used to create advertisements for the TV displays.


Submitting a Funding Request:

Please visit the following websites to submit a funding request to the SCOMSA treasurer:

In order to ensure that your funding request is handled in a timely manner before your event takes place, please submit your request AT LEAST 3 days prior to the SCOMSA meeting before your event. The SCOMSA meeting schedule can be found in the “about” tab. If you do not submit early enough, SCOMSA will not have adequate time to notify you in the case that your request is denied. Initial requests WILL NOT be accepted after an event has taken place.

Getting Reimbursed:

In order to get reimbursed, an organization’s funding request must first be approved by SCOMSA. Within 30 days of the event, the organization must submit a completed reimbursement form, along with all original itemized receipts, a SCOMSA approval email and a flyer or announcement for the group event. Please ensure that the name on the credit card receipts match the name on the reimbursement form. The organization will only receive 50% of the amount totaled by the receipts, even if they were approved for more money by SCOMSA. Please indicate how the other 50% of the amount will be paid, whether out-of-pocket, your organization’s remaining lounge cleaning funds, or other sources of funding.

You must fill out the Event/Conference Details section. The form must be completed thoroughly and have all necessary items attached to prevent delays in reimbursements.

The complete packet must be provided to Liz Gallagher in the Office of Student Affairs located at in the A building, second floor, Room 212C. The SCOMSA treasurer will review the reimbursement form and then submit it to accounting. The check will be processed and be ready within 2-3 weeks, allowing additional time for mailing.

Cleaning the Lounge

Lounge cleaning is available to student organizations recognized by SCOMSA as an additional source of funding for on campus events. At the beginning of each semester, we will send out an email with a link to sign up for the lottery. Each group will be randomly assigned a Friday during the semester to clean the lounge, and notified by email. Unfortunately, due to the large number of groups, and limited number of dates, we will not be able to accommodate each group, so we encourage you to sign up every semester.

In exchange for cleaning the student lounge, the organization will be awarded $100 towards any approved group-related expense, to be used in that semester only. Please be aware: Funds will NOT roll over into the next semester. Funds may NOT be used for alcohol.

Cleaning tasks are posted in the Student Lounge and at the bottom of this page. It is the organizations’ responsibility to email within 2 hours of having cleaned the room in order for a SCOMSA rep to verify that the cleaning was completed. If the SCOMSA rep does not approve the end result of the cleaning, the group may be asked to repeat the cleaning or may not be granted approval. Additionally, if SCOMSA is not emailed in time, we may be unable to approve your request, as we will not know when to check the lounge. If approved, the group will receive an email stating that $100 is now available for their use.

In order to receive this amount, when filling out the reimbursement form, in addition to original receipts, the student submitting the form must write “Lounge Cleaning Funds” in Other Source of Funding. The receipts may not have been reimbursed from any other source. Funds will not be applied retroactively to previously submitted reimbursement forms or if Lounge Cleaning has not yet been completed.

Please remember that we cannot accommodate each group every semester. We ask you to remain considerate of your peers. If no one in your group can make your assigned date, it is your responsibility to notify us a month in advance, with the exception of groups assigned January dates, which we then request notification ASAP (not the same day!). If you do not notify us and the lounge is not cleaned on your assigned date, you will be forfeiting your spot. Groups who missed their lounge cleaning day from fall semester are not eligible to sign up for a date in the spring semester.


Items to Clean:

Make sure to clean the following items:

1.     Trash: Dispose of all trash in entire room.

2.     Refrigerator: Dispose of all food without a dated note indicating to not dispose of it. (Note must include a name, and be dated after today’s date.)

3.     Tables: Spray and wipe down with cleaning solution.

4.     Sink and counter: Spray and wipe down with cleaning solution.

5.     Microwave: Spray and wipe, interior and exterior (do not use cleaning solutions).

6.     Toaster: Empty crumb tray under toaster. Spray and wipe down exterior. (unplug after each use).

7.     Keurig: Empty and refill water. (The coffee machine should be unplugged for the weekend).

8.     Coffee supplies: Refill cups, creamer, sugar, splenda, and stirring straws.

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