Planning Events

The following document contains much of the relevant information for leaders of student organizations. It is critical that student leaders become intimately familiar with the contents of this document before the beginning of the semester. Leaders from each organization are responsible for ensuring that all officers of their organization are familiar with these policies.

Planning an Event:

Student organizations that wish to plan an event must do so more than 4 weeks ahead of time if possible. It is strongly recommended not to plan events sooner than this, as there are multiple steps that require approval from a third party. If these steps are not completed before the date of your event, you may not be allowed to have the event.

The following is the basic outline for planning an event at BUSM:

  1. Come up with an idea for an event
  2. Gather support for your event from classmates and/or faculty
  3. Book a room if necessary
  4. Check calendar to avoid more than two organizational events during the same time period
  5. Submit a funding request to SCOMSA if necessary
  6. Ensure you have secured all necessary funding for food and other miscellaneous costs
  7. Advertise the event (see details below)
  8. Have the event
  9. Submit for reimbursement for previously approved SCOMSA funds within 30 days of the event

Schedule a Room:

Each student group has a designated leader who is able to book rooms in 25Live. If you are having issues with 25Live please contact Jessica Merisier. For questions regarding AV for an approved event please contact Any other questions please reach out to Amanda Kaufman.

Check the event calendar on our front page or our funding request page to ensure no more than 2 events are occurring at the same time.

Advertise Your Event:

Promote your event on the weekly student digest. To add your event to the digest, email Amanda Kaufman with the name, date, time, location and description of your event by Wednesday at 5:00pm for it to appear on Friday’s digest.

Submit a Funding Request:

Submit your funding request. In order to ensure that your funding request is handled in a timely manner before your event takes place, please submit your request by 11:59 PM on the Sunday prior to the SCOMSA meeting before your event. The SCOMSA meeting schedule can be found in the “about” tab. If you do not submit early enough, SCOMSA will not have adequate time to notify you in the case that your request is denied. Initial requests WILL NOT be accepted after an event has taken place.

Get Reimbursed:

In order to get reimbursed, an organization’s funding request must first be approved by SCOMSA. Within 30 days after the event, the organization must submit the online reimbursement form, including scanned copies of all itemized receipts, a SCOMSA approval email and a flyer or announcement for the group event. Please ensure that the name on the credit card receipts match the name on the reimbursement form. The organization will only receive 50% of the amount totaled by the receipts, even if they were approved for more money by SCOMSA. Please indicate how the other 50% of the amount will be paid, whether out-of-pocket, your organization’s remaining lounge cleaning funds, or other sources of funding.

You must fill out all required sections of the online reimbursement form. The form must be completed thoroughly and have all necessary items attached to prevent delays in reimbursements. When submitting itemized receipts, please limit the PDFs to one itemized receipt on each.

The SCOMSA treasurer will review the reimbursement form and then submit it to Erika Reardon in the Office of Student Affairs. The check will be processed and be ready within 3-4 weeks, allowing additional time for mailing.


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