Student Group Leadership

Welcome to the 2020 SCOMSA Common Application for Leadership! Please browse through the following student groups and apply for leadership by clicking on the application link or emailing the contact listed.

Current student leaders, if you do not see your group listed and would like to add your group please contact

Group name Group mission statement and emails (info found at link) Info about leadership positions Application Link/Info Deadline
American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG)/ OB/GYN Interest Group 2 student leaders to coordinate events with the OB/GYN department (shadowing, lunch talks, activities, etc.) Application Here January 24th
Action and Mentorship Project (AMP) We are looking for 3-4 people to share the responsibilities of:

1) Organizing events that help AMP members learn more about primary care, family medicine, community engagement, and advocacy

2) Creating opportunities for AMP members to find mentors in primary care and family medicine

3) Planning and conducting visits to Washington Manor as part of our community outreach, as well as developing other forms of community outreach

Application Here January 24th
Addiction Education Collaboration 1-3 people to be co-leaders that are responsible for planning events, managing the email, and keeping in contact with faculty from BMC’s CARE unit. Application Here January 24th
BUSM Admissions Leadership Team of 10-14 students who will assist the BUSM Admission Office with welcoming potential BUSM students to campus. Student will lead the Open House/Second Look in April, admissions tours, admissions lunches, overnight hosts, and diversity sessions. Application Here January 24th
American Geriatrics Society (AGS)/Geri Friends 2 Presidents- Responsibilities include:

*leading Geri Friends – recruiting participants and organizing patient visits to Washington Manor and the hospital

*planning and hosting lunch events and other events each semester

* participation in the annual career expo

* communicating with the AGS national chapter

Application Here January 24th
American Medical Association/Massachusetts Medical Society (AMA/MMS) Chair(s): Responsible for overseeing the operations of the section and communicating relevant information upward to the MMS and AMA.

Secretary / Recruitment Chair: Organize & execute the recruitment endeavors throughout the year (e.g. the student activities fair) in collaboration with associated AMA/MMS staff persons.

Treasurer: Facilitate the submission of funding requests to the MMS and BUSM for campus events and travel.

Community Service Chair: Organize and execute community service projects based on your interests and concerns.

Legislative Advocacy Chair: Coordinate events and projects for students to interface with important healthcare policies and issues.

Application Here January 24th
Anesthesiology Interest Group We need 2-4 people to handle the responsibilities of the club. They include communicating with anesthesiologists, setting up lunch talks, organizing shadowing, and planning any other events related to anesthesia. Application Here January 24th
Asian Pacific American Medical Student Association (APAMSA) Co-Directors (3)- Co-directors will collaborate one another to ensure successful planning and organization of events on campus, managing budgets, and attendance at national conferences. The specific division of responsibilities can be made amongst the group leaders. Application Here January 24th
Association of Women Surgeons 2 co-leaders will handle planning and funding events that promote the mission of AWS. Application Here January 26th
Boston University for Down Syndrome (BUDS) 2 Co-Leaders to pair med students to DS buddies, organize monthly events & hangouts. Application Here January 24th
Boston University Medical Campus Pride 3-4 Leaders
The position’s responsibilities include organizing educational and social events, representing the LGBTQ+ community for prospective students and the larger medical campus, advocating for the community’s representation in the curriculum, and whatever else you want to make of it
Application Here January 24th
BUSM Historical Society 2-3 Student Leaders (See Application for More Information) Application Here January 31st
Brain Enrichment Program 2 Student Leaders to coordinate presentations and recruitment Please email January 24th
Bridging Gaps in Care 4 people needed (Financial Coordinator will be included in one of the other positions):

Site Visit Coordinator (works with physician preceptors and community leaders to coordinate site visits)

Workshop Coordinator (works with preceptors and student leaders to implement educational workshops for students)

Student Coordinator (handles planning and communication with students for site visits, workshops, and recruitment events)

Research Coordinator (heads research project about impact of BGC)

Financial Coordinator (handles group finances) 

Application Here January 24th
Cardiology Interest Group 2-3 Student Leaders (Organize events/lunch talks/run the group) Application Here January 31st
Christian Medical & Dental Association Leaders (~2-3) will be expected to either directly or help lead Bible studies, coordinate events, and serve as a liaison between students, faculty, and other Boston area CMDA organizations. Application Here January 26th
Clinical Neuroscience Society (CNS) All leaders will equally split tasks regarding funding and food for lunch talks and events, managing email, planning out talks, etc. This can be done at their discretion. Application Here January 17th
Boston University Coalition for Adult Immunization (BUCAI) 2-3 Co-leaders Application Here
(must use BU email)
January 24th
Creative Arts Society One person needed, Co-leader, Help organize Art Days in Spring 2020 & KickBack Kafe in Fall 2020 Application Here January 21st
Creating Leadership and Education to Address Racism (CLEAR) Position: Course directors

Description: Course directors will plan and organize session curriculum.

10 people needed

Application Here January 24th
Delivering Resources, Education and Advocacy for Moms (DREAM) DREAM Leader (2-3 positions). Responsibilities of DREAM leaders include recruiting new students to the DREAM program and aiding in training and orientation of new students, so they are prepared to provide labor support to pregnant patients at BMC. Leaders will coordinate with DREAM’s faculty advisors to assign students to patients, and hold meetings throughout the year. Leaders can also continue to take clients themselves, and continue providing labor support in the hospital. Please email January 24th
Doctor’s Notes Leader: 2-3 Application Here January 27th
Emergency Medicine Interest Group Co-Leaders (4): EMIG co-leaders will work with the faculty advisor (Dr. Vonzella Bryant) on hosting various lunch talks and hands-on events throughout the year. Additionally, co-leaders will work with the Outdoors Club and BMC EM residents to organize and lead the Wilderness Medicine elective in the fall semester. Application Here January 26th
Family Medicine Interest Group 2-3 leaders needed. Plan lunch talk and other events related to Family Medicine. Connect students with potential Family Medicine mentors. Coordinate shadowing opportunities within Family Medicine. Application Here January 24th
Genetics Interest Group Three leaders — you all will agree upon a description of your shared responsibilities at our leadership transition meeting. Application Here January 24th
Global Health Equity Program EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR (1 person): Coordinate leadership board activities and serve as a support and consult to other leadership. Serve as a liaison to the Office of Enrichment.

DIRECTOR OF COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT (1 person): Cultivate a strong global health community among students and faculty by planning/executing events, increasing awareness and improving communication among community members.

DIRECTOR OF EVENTS (1 person): Work with the Executive Director and the Director of Community Development to publicize Global Health events on campus and around Boston. Organize and execute lunch talks for the general student community.

ENRICHMENT COURSE DIRECTORS (4 people): Organize the fall semester Global Health Enrichment Course. Plan the curriculum and classes, coordinate speakers. Work with other leaders to promote development of the Global Health community.

Application Here January 24th
Global Surgery Student Alliance (GSSA) 2 – 3 leaders to split all the tasks of planning out events, handling email, handling funding for events, organizing fundraisers, etc. amongst all leaders equally (up to their discretion) Application Here January 20th
Homeless Health Immersion Experience 3 positions open for HHIE Student Leader

HHIE Leadership Responsibilities:

-Represent and promote HHIE at Second Look Day for BUSM accepted students in the spring, as well as at the Activities Fair in the fall
-Recruit new HHIE members with a fall recruitment lunch talk, typically co-hosted with OVP
– Create and coordinate a clinic schedule with Dr. Cohen for each semester
– Organize the second year HHIE/OVP didactic curriculum. This can involve inviting speakers back from previous years or inviting new speakers.
– In the spring, work with OVP to organize cross-over shifts for HHIE members to go out on the OVP van and vice versa.
-Organize events that facilitate HHIE member bonding and engagement in homeless health initiatives

Application Here February 14th
Internal Medicine Interest Group (IMIG) 2-3 Student Leaders needed. Co-leaders will arrange different events throughout the year geared toward M1s focusing on IM as a specialty. This will be done by reaching out to IM residents/faculty as well as collaborating with other student groups. Membership must also be maintained with the ACP. Application Here January 24th
Integrative Medicine Interest Group 2-3 Co-leaders: working with faculty advisor to plan events/lunch talks and help organize weekly yoga and meditation Application Here January 24th
Interventional Radiology Interest Group 3 general leaders of the IR Interest Group Application Here January 24th
Knitting and Crocheting to Relieve Environmental Stress (KCARES) Number of positions is variable. Depends on amount of interested. Maximum number of leaders 5. Application Here January 24th
Kulture Dance Group We are looking for 2-3 people to share the responsibilities of:

1) Scheduling dates for weekly practices

2) Reserving practice spaces (one person with 25 Live access)

3) Finding performance opportunities

4) Organizing some social events outside of dance practices

Application Here January 24th
Latino Medical Student Association Community Outreach/Mentorship Chair: Design service events, collaborate with other student groups on service events. Promote awareness regarding health in the Latino community, create opportunities for LMSA members to interact with other members of the BMC community. (1-2 people)

Diversity/Advocacy Chair: Create opportunities for BUSM students interested in working with issues affecting the health of Latinx communities, reach out to community organizations in Boston. Collaborate with admission diversity sessions. (1-2 people)

Professional Development & National Liaison/ Medical Spanish Chair: Design events to promote professional/academic growth for students, maintain communication with LMSA regional and national entities, collaborate with the Medical Spanish group and promote the Spanish Proficiency Assessment Program with BMC Interpreter Services. (1-2 people)

Social/Communications Chair: Manage the organization’s email account, make website updates for the organization and maintain social media outlets, promote any LMSA events in the community and design social events for BUSM students and across LMSA groups in Boston. (1-2 people)

Treasury/Fundraising Chair: Manage the organization’s financial account, submit fundraising and reimbursement forms, design events to increase LMSA funds, and research outside funding opportunities including regional and national LMSA scholarships. (1-2 people)

Application Here January 30th
Leadership and Innovation in Medicine and Business (LIMB) Student Leaders – coordinate speakers for lecture series Application Here January 24th
Narrative Medicine Narrative medicine is an interdisciplinary field that brings powerful narrative skills of listening and creativity from the humanities and the arts to address the needs of all who seek and deliver healthcare. Email: Francis Torres –, Andrew Chang – Narrative Medicine Facilitator Please email January 24th
Ophthalmology Interest Group 2-3 Co-leaders needed. We serve as liaisons between interests students and ophthalmology residents and faculty. This includes coordinating ophthalmology-related lunch talks and volunteer events, as well as helping guide interested students to find shadowing and research opportunities. Application Here January 24th
Orthopaedics Surgery Interest Group 2-3 leaders. You will coordinate research for students. Plan talks and workshops related to ortho. Plan MATCH panel with current 4th years. Application Here January 24th
Otolaryngology Interest Group All leaders play an equal role in managing finances, handling email and communication, booking rooms, coordinating and planning events, ordering food for events, etc. Roles may be split amongst leaders, however they wish. Application Here January 17th
BUSM Outdoor/Outreach Club 2-3 leaders needed. Plan M1 Outdoor Day during orientation week, assist EMIG in planning Wilderness Medicine elective, plan and lead outdoor events, coordinate and host lunch talks throughout the year. Can sub-divide tasks among leaders as necessary. Application Here January 24th
Pathology Interest Group 2-3 Student Leaders (Organize events/lunch talks/run the group) Application Here January 31st
PEDS Interest Group PEDS Interest Group Roles for 2020-2021:

Communications Director

  • Share pediatric opportunities on student digest, FB, and email
  • Manage group email

Department Liaison

  • Communicate with advisor about shadowing opportunities
  • Ensure the smooth functioning

PEDS Board Events Coordinator

  • Organize Rodman Ride for Kids fundraising
  • Schedule lunch talks and other events
  • Work with the pediatrics department coordinator on funding
Application Here January 24th
Peer Advising Leadership We are looking to select 3 co-chairs to lead the Peer Advising program in 2020-2021 The responsibilities include:

– sending out applications to your classmates and selecting M2 and M4 peer advisors in the Spring 2019

– sending out a survey to the incoming first year class over the Summer

– matching peer advisors with incoming students over the Summer

– organizing Orientation events (Peer Advisor Lunch, M1 Orientation Campus Tours, Field Day)

– maintaining communication with Peer Advisors throughout the year and address issues that may come up

– maintaining communication with the Office of Student Affairs / SCOMSA to coordinate events

Application Here February 7th
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Society (PRESS) 3 Co-leaders Application Here January 24th
Radiology Interest Group We need 2-4 people to help plan lunch talks, communicate with radiologists for shadowing opportunities, and set up other radiology-related events. Application Here January 24th
Sexual Health and Medicine Enrichment Opportunity 8 co-leaders, with split responsibility between 10 classes Application Here January 24th
BU Sleep Medicine Interest Group 3 Group Leaders  Please email January 24th
SNAAC (Student Nutrition Awareness and Action Council) There are four leadership positions available. Although there are four main branches of SNAAC, leadership must be open to working together and collaborating for any additional events (collaborations with wellness initiative, STEP, sustainability fairs, etc.)

1) Demonstration Kitchen and Eat-to-Treat Coordinator

2) Dietetic Intern-Medical Student Match Coordinator

3) Medical Student Residence Garden Coordinator

4) SNAP Challenge Coordinator

Application Here January 24th
South Asian Medical Student Association 3-4 Co-leaders Application Here January 24th
Sports Medicine Interest Group Leaders (~3) will be expected to plan events in conjunction with Dr. Green. This includes booking rooms, ordering food, advertising events, and contacting guest speakers as needed. Application Here January 26th
Students for a National Health Program (SNaHP) Co-leader. You will be in charge of planning the future direction of SNaHP during a crucial election year. This is a collaborative group and you and your other co-leaders will be in charge of creating the budget for each semester, planning lunch talks, journal club meetings, the week of action, and coordinate getting people to our national conferences. 3-5 people. Application Here January 24th
Student Partnership for Reproductive Choice (SPaRC)/Medical Students for Choice (MSFC)

We do not have a set number of positions available, but we are looking for strong, well rounded and committed leaders. Application Here January 24th
Student Interest Group in Neurology (SIGN) 3-4 co-leaders to cover the following:

– Reach out to potential speakers for lunch panels and other events

– Advertise events via the weekly digest and Facebook groups

– Coordinate with SCOMSA and AAN for funding

– Liaise with faculty advisor re: shadowing opportunities

Application Here January 24th
Student Oncology Society The Student Oncology Society is looking for 2 M1 leaders to take over for next year. Responsibilities include:

-Setting up a match panel event in the spring

-Holding periodic lunch talks

-Organizing a radiation oncology suite tour

Application Here January 24th
Surgical Society 3 Co-leaders Application Here January 24th
Urology Interest Group Leader (2 or 3) Application Here January 24th


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