Required Event Blurb

All students requesting funding must submit a blurb to SCOMSA for inclusion in the SCOMSA website updates.

The blurb should be a 3-5 sentence description of the event and what students learned or enjoyed.  It should include details about the event, such as the title, date, speaker’s name if applicable, and description, as well as any other relevant information. If possible, a photograph or graphic associated with the event should be included with the blurb. Since the unedited blurb will be posted on the SCOMSA Event Blog, it is a good way to publicize your group or interest.

  • Accepted file types: jpg, jpeg, png, pdf, gif, psd, bmp.
    Please upload a photo of your event here so that it can be included with your blurb on the website and in the SCOMSA newsletter.

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