National Conference Funding

Instructions for National Funding:

Note: this form is ONLY for Student Group leaders coordinating group travel.  Individual travelers please apply for travel funding here.

  1. Please read the TRAVEL Section of the Funding Guidelines.
  2. Please submit all forms at least 3 days prior to the SCOMSA meeting before the conference.  SCOMSA meetings are generally held on the first Wednesday of the month, so this means all funding requests must be submitted the Sunday before the meeting by 11:59 pm. Please check the SCOMSA meeting schedule to see when the next SCOMSA meeting will be held.
  3. ONE national funding application is allowed per fiscal year, starting June 1 and ending May 31st of the following year.  Please remember that each individual student is allowed to attend a maximum two trips per academic year, regardless of the reimbursement categories into which those trips fall.
  4. SCOMSA does NOT cover conference registration fees.
  5. Please fill out one request form per conference.  It is expected that student group leaders will coordinate conference attendees. Keep in mind that each person will be reimbursed up to $325, up to a maximum of 5 people.
  6. Please submit one reimbursement form per student within 30 days of your trip.   The following may be submitted electronically via the Online Reimbursement Form:
    • All scanned itemized receipts (only one receipt per PDF)
    • Your SCOMSA funding approval email
    • A copy of your conference registration confirmation

*Please remember that whenever you submit a request for funding, you should always get a confirmation email from the SCOMSA email account, stating the meeting at which we will vote on your request (this email is in addition to the automated copy of your request form that you should also receive following submission). If you do not receive the confirmation email, please email us at

National Conference Funding

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    If you do not receive confirmation, then your funding request was not received by SCOMSA. Please notify the SCOMSA Treasurer at and resubmit your funding request.

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