Lounge Cleaning

 Lounge cleaning is available to student organizations recognized by SCOMSA as an additional source of funding for on campus events. At the beginning of each semester, we will send out an email with a link to sign up for the lottery. Each group will be randomly assigned a Friday during the semester to clean the lounge, and notified by email. Unfortunately, due to the large number of groups, and limited number of dates, we will not be able to accommodate each group, so we encourage you to sign up every semester.

In exchange for cleaning the student lounge, the organization will be awarded $100 towards any approved group-related expense, to be used in that semester only. Please be aware: Funds will NOT roll over into the next semester. Funds may NOT be used for alcohol.

Cleaning tasks are posted in the Student Lounge and at the bottom of this page. It is the organizations’ responsibility to email scomsa@bu.edu immediately after having cleaned the room in order for a SCOMSA rep to verify that the cleaning was completed. If the SCOMSA rep does not approve the end result of the cleaning, the group may be asked to repeat the cleaning or may not be granted funds. Additionally, if SCOMSA is not emailed in time, we may be unable to approve your funding, as we will not know when to check the lounge. If approved, the group will receive an email stating that $100 is now available for its use.

In order to receive this amount, please indicate that amount you would like to use on the Online Reimbursement Form. The receipts that you submit must not have been reimbursed from any other source. Funds will not be applied retroactively to previously submitted reimbursement forms or if Lounge Cleaning has not yet been completed.

Please remember that we cannot accommodate each group every semester. We ask you to remain considerate of your peers. If no one in your group can make your assigned date, it is your responsibility to notify us a month in advance, with the exception of groups assigned January dates, which we then request notification ASAP (not the same day!). If you do not notify us and the lounge is not cleaned on your assigned date, you will be forfeiting your spot. Groups who missed their lounge cleaning day from fall semester are not eligible to sign up for a date in the spring semester.


Items to Clean:

Please clean the following items. Cleaning solution and supplies can be found beneath the sink.

  1. Trash: Dispose of all trash in the entire room.
  1. Refrigerator: Dispose of all food without a dated note. (Note must include a name, and be dated after today’s date.) Wipe down any spills.
  1. Tables: Spray and wipe down with cleaning solution.
  1. Sink and counter: Spray and wipe down with cleaning solution.
  1. Microwave: Spray and wipe, interior and exterior (Do not use cleaning solutions, just soap & water).
  1. Toaster: Empty crumb tray under toaster. Spray and wipe down exterior. Unplug after each use.
  1. Keurig: Empty and refill water. The coffee machine should be unplugged for the weekend.
  1. Soap: Refill dispenser.
  1. Floor: Please pick up any garbage and place stray ping-pong balls in their box.
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