January 2016 Updates

Student Group Events

BUSM Physicians for a National Health Program


Students in PNHP registered BUSM community members to vote throughout the week of 1/11-1/15. Information about the presidential candidates’ positions on healthcare was also shared and discussed with students. We hope that this can help to further inform students’ positions for the upcoming primaries and election. – Clara Zhu

BUSM American Women Medical Association


AMWA hosted a lunch talk about Women in Male Dominated Fields in Medicine. The talk was in a Q&A format with a panel of speakers:
– Dr. Linda Ng – Urology
– Dr. Smita Ramanadham – Plastic Surgery
– Dr. Virginia Litle – Thoracic Surgery
– Margaret Cooke – MS4
We had a great turnout of approximately 45 students attend the lunch talk – a mix of MS1s and MS2. The panelists spoke about their respective fields, what it was like training in and now practicing in male-dominated and competitive fields in medicine, and what medical students who are interested in such or similar fields can do during their educational training to be good candidates to match into these fields. The lunch talk was very well-received, and many students reached out thereafter to the panelists to talk to them more, for shadowing opportunities, etc. – Pooja Shah

BUSM Maimonides Society


Dr. Grodin spoke in memory of Dr. Berger, a previous chair of cardiac surgery at BMC, who passed away on January 1st 2016. Dr. Grodin spoke about Nazi doctors and issues related medical ethics. He described the Nuremberg trials and the twin experiments conducted during the Holocaust. At the end of the event, some of the faculty spoke about Dr. Berger adn how he influenced many people’s lives. – Samuel Rubin

BUSM Physicians for a National Health Program, Student National Medical Association and Latino Medical Student Association


Physicians for a National Health Program, the Student National Medical Association, and the Latino Medical Student Association partnered for a journal club on racial justice in medicine. The discussion was based an editorial about the White Coats for Black Lives Movement and challenges faced by patients, students, and physicians of color. Students also discussed future ways for physicians to target inequities in our healthcare system. – Clara Zhu

BUSM Student National Medical Association


The Student National Medical Association (SNMA) hosted an event featuring Dr. Shunda MacGahee of the Department of Mental Health entitled, “Mental Health in the Homeless.” Students were engaged in learning the the structure of the DMH in Massachusetts and how theoretical homeless patients could move through the DMH system to receive the treatment and resources that are so necessary to their wellbeing. – Alexis GadsonĀ  




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