September 2015 Updates

Student Group Events

Student Interest Group in Neurology

On 9/29, SIGN had their first meeting. A panel of BMC neurology and neurosurgery staff talked to students about the field of neurology and their journey to their current positions. Students had the opportunity to ask about the requirements for eligibility for neurology, the benefits of practicing neurology, and diverse career paths encompassed by the field of neurology. – Ahmad Khattab


Medical Humanities

On Monday, Sept 28, a group of first and second-year medical students met at a student’s home and discussed the novel Middlesex. This complex and lengthy novel covered a broad expanse of time and space. Students shared their thoughts about the book and major themes, such as nature vs. nurture, were brought up and discussed. It was a very successful event and we are all looking forward to our next one! – Deena Godfrey


Cardiology Interest Group

The Cardiology Interest Group put on a career panel of Cardiology Fellows and Attendings in order to describe to the students both the pathway to Cardiology as well as the broad range of sub-specialties within general Cardiology. The panel consisted of Dr. Sunny Intwala, Dr. Christina Cove, Dr. Deepa Gopal, and Dr. Omar Siddiqi. For a field as competitive as Cardiology, students were advised on how to prepare properly in their medical school education and Internal Medicine residency years. In addition, students were able to hear personal accounts of what drew each of the panelists to the specific field of Cardiology. – Joseph ChungCIG 150928


Creative Arts Society

Moises Fernandez Via of the BU College of Fine Arts, Dr. Rafael Ortega of the BUSM Office of Diversity and Multicultural Affiars, and BMC’s Manager of Patient Experience Kristen Kremer led a lunch talk panel about the role of arts in medicine. Students learned about existing programs to incorporate the arts into the lives of patients, doctors, and medical students, such as mural painting, poetry readings, rotating art exhibits, musical performances, and theater. Additionally, some students expressed interest in starting new creative arts projects to bring to BUMC, and the panelists addressed how to turn their ideas into reality. – Melissa Warstadt


Internal Medicine Interest Group

On September 23rd, the Internal Medicine Interest Group invited medical students to join in an interactive case discussion led by BMC residents Hugo Carmona and Chris Worsham. We discussed a NEJM case: “A 54-year-old woman with HIV infection, dyspnea, and chest pain.” This was a great opportunity for students to interact with residents and practice their diagnostic skills! – Jana FlorianIMIG 150923


Family Medicine Interest Group

The “What is Family Medicine” talk took place on Sept. 21, 2015 from 12-1pm. Dr. Cornelio-Flores and Dr. Laura Goldman spoke about their career paths in family medicine. They highlighted the scope of family medicine, talking about their work in integrative and global health respectively. It was an informal setting and students had the opportunity to ask lots of questions about lifestyle, career choices, scope of practice, etc. – Lisa Voltarelli FMIG - 092115


American Geriatrics Society

On 9/14/15, the BU student chapter of the American Geriatrics Society hosted its first event of the semester titled “What is Geriatrics?” An interactive presentation was led by Dr. Ryan Chippendale, a geriatrician and assistant professor of Geriatrics at BUSM. Dr. Chippendale gave a brief presentation on the field of geriatrics followed by a Q&A session. We were very pleased with the number of first- and second-year students who attended, and we look forward to seeing everyone at our next event scheduled to take place during National Primary Care Week! – Tara Neary



On 9/10/2015, SNAAC invited Dr. Meyers from BMC pediatrics department to deliver a lunch talk about the politics of childhood obesity. Students enjoyed a presentation that included the history and factors that contributed to the current obesity epidemic, and what we can do to combat and address it. – David Hui
SNAAC - 091015


Integrative Medicine

Dr. Khalsa spoke to a packed room of M1 and M2 students about the medical benefits of mindfulness, yoga, and meditation. He presented a comprehensive review of numerous scientific papers that conclusively demonstrated the major impact that yoga can have on chronic medical conditions. Students enjoyed a healthy, tasty lunch catered by Whole Foods. – Deena GodfreyIM - 090215


Physicians for Human Rights

“Working for Health Justice: The Crisis of U.S. Healthcare and the Single Payer Solution”, Adam Gaffney, MDDr. Gaffney is a pulmonary and critical care fellow at Massachusetts General Hospital and an activist for Physicians for a National Health Program. His writing on health policy and politics has been featured in USA Today, Salon, Dissent, and In These Times. At this event, he gave a grand rounds talk on the current state of US health care and single payer care to a room full of medical, dental, public health, and graduate students interested in working toward a more just and equitable health care system. – Clara ZhuPNHP - 090115


Student Attendance at National Conferences

GLMA: Health Professionals Advancing LGBT Equality

I attended the GLMA annual conference in Portland, OR and with my fellow medical student, Jamie Weinand, we present our original research to a packed room. We presented a workshop titled “The Binding Health Project: Effects of chest binding on health” that detailed our research, in addition to teaching providers and students how to discuss binding with their patients. It was a great experience sharing our research and hearing from others their experiences with chest binding in their practices. – Ivy Gardner


American Burn Association’s Northeast Region Burn Conference

The NRBC is a multidisciplinary meeting for medical professionals, burn survivors and firefighters. Dennis Costen of the Boston Fire Department discussed disaster management and the events that took place during the 2013 Boston Marathon. Disaster planning by state and region was further discussed and a practice drill was conducted. Additionally, the president of ABA, Ed Tredget, MD, FACS, discussed some of his recent work on burn scars and the use of laser for long-term management and improved cosmesis. In general, this is a great conference that brings together the medical and non-medical communities. There was a research session during which investigators presented ongoing projects in burn prevention, scar and pain management strategies. I found it highly motivating and am even more excited to pursue a career in burn surgery. – Christopher LaChapelle


Student Presentations at National Conferences

American Academy of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery Foundation Annual Meeting

The American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery Annual Meeting took place on September 27 in Dallas, Texas. The event consisted of 4 days of educational programing with showcases on new research findings, approaches, and treatment options in the field. I had the opportunity to present my original research on a new pediatric otologic diagnosis involving asymmetric hearing loss. I also presented two posters on topics dealing with academic otolaryngology and stem cell applications in hearing rehabilitation. During this conference, I learned a great deal about the future of the field, and I had a wonderful time connecting with others who share my similar interests. – Aly KaplanAly - AAOHNSFAM

American Academy of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery Foundation Annual Meeting

The American Academy of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery Foundation annual meeting was held in Dallas, Texas. It featured speakers from around the world discussing various studies in all aspects of otolaryngology. I presented a study conducted with the otolaryngology department at Boston Medical Center in the field of otology to an audience of about fifty people. The title of the talk was “Hearing Loss and Vestibular Schwannoma Risk: A Meta-Analysis.” Along with this, I attended presentations by multiple physicians in the other fields of otolaryngology as well as the industry booths in the main conference hall. It was a very interesting meeting that provided all attendees with new knowledge about innovations in this field. – Parth Shah


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