January 2013 Updates


On Wednesday, January 9, 2013, SCOMSA held its sixth meeting of the year, the first of the spring semester. The minutes from the meeting are included in the following link January SCOMSA Minutes.


Student Group Activities:

Christian Medical Dental Association


At this event, a number of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd year students met and discussed the meaning and impact of faith and spirituality on BU’s medical campus and in the lives of medical students. Using an article as our topic of discussion, CMDA was able to provide an open and welcoming forum for the exchange of different thoughts and ideas that students may not normally have the chance to discuss in a typical academic setting. It was a very enjoyable and fruitful experience for all of the students.



BU Developmental Disabilities Awareness Group and its associated service learning elective, BU Down Syndrome Program, hosted a holiday party in December for its participants. BUDS pairs first and second year medical students with teens and young adults from the Boston community with Down syndrome, and this party was an opportunity for all of the pairs to get together to eat, socialize and play some fun party games. Everyone enjoyed meeting other people in the program and seeing how far pairs had come in getting to know one another since the beginning of the semester. BUDDS and BUDS hope to host more activities like this in 2013 in addition to upcoming lunch talks with Dr. O’Brien, Pediatric Cardiologist at BMC, January 30th and Dr. Florez of the MGH Down Syndrome Program, February 7th. Contact budsprogram@gmail.com to get involved.



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