Where is the conference located?

The Boston University John Hancock Student Village between Harry Agganis Way and Buick Street, Boston.  Accommodations and Conference Office are at 10 Buick Street, and the lectures are at the Boston University Dance Theatre, across the courtyard from 10 Buick Street.  Click here for a photo of the entrance to the Student Village from Buick Street.


Can I check in late at 10 Buick Street?

Yes, there will be a concierge on duty until 11:30. After 11:30 a security guard will have the on-call number for check-in.  You can get your registration materials the following morning.


Where do I get my registration materials?

The conference office is in 10 Buick Street, Room G-18. We are open Saturday 1-5pm, Sun 8-3, Mon-Wed 8-5.  You do not need your registration materials to get into your room; the concierge will have your name on a list.


Will I have WiFi access?

Yes, WiFi logins will be provided.


How do I get to the Workshop from the airport?

The best way to get from Logan to the conference location is by cab. It’s 6.5 miles and about 15 minutes.

Public transport instructions:

Take Massport airport shuttle from terminal to Airport MBTA Station

Take Blue Line Bowdoin to Government Center

Switch to Green Line outbound B train for Boston College

Get off at the St. Paul stop (corner of Buick Street and Commonwealth Ave)

Walk 2 minutes up Buick Street to #10

Entire trip 50-60 minutes


Where can I park?

If you have not already arranged parking ahead of time, you can use the garage at Agganis Arena (925 Commonwealth Ave) and pay as you go.  The lot is open from 7am to 11pm.


Do the dorms provide towels?

Yes, the dorms provide towels & toiletries.  They also have irons and ironing boards for loan.


Are children allowed in the dorms?

Yes, however all children of attendees must be supervised at all times while in the residence and on campus.  A child old enough to occupy a bed in the dorms must be registered as a guest.


Will I be able to refrigerate my medications?

If you are staying at the BU lodging each apartment has a full kitchen.


What is the nearest T stop to the Workshop?

Either the Pleasant Street or St. Paul stops on the Green Line B trolley.


Is there a place to work out?

If you are staying in the BU residence you can join the BU Fit/Rec center for $10/day. www.bu.edu/fitrec.  Check in at the membership desk.