Educational Resources


   Educational Resource Frequency Who

   Grand Rounds1 Weekly Fellows, residents, Rheum Staff
   Clinical Rounds2 Weekly Fellows, residents, Rheum Staff
   Consult Rounds3 Daily Consult fellow, residents, Rheum attending
   Fellow Curriculum Lectures4 Bi-weekly Fellows, Rheum staff
   Orthopedic Combined Rounds5 Monthly Rheum and Ortho staff, fellows, residents
   Dermatology Combined Rounds6 Quarterly Rheum and Derm staff, fellows and residents
   Pathology Combined Rounds7 Quarterly Pathologist, Rheum staff, fellows, residents
   Inter-City Combined Hospital Rounds8 Monthly Area hospital rheumatologists, Rheum staff, fellows
   Journal Club9 Bi-weekly Fellows, residents, Rheum Staff
   Research Journal Club10 Bi-weekly Rheum MD/PhD staff, fellows
   Fellow Radiology Conference11 Bi-weekly Dr. Sack, fellows
   Radiology Combined Conference12 Monthly Radiologist, Rheum staff, fellows

  1. Rheumatology Grand Rounds. A weekly hour conference consisting of up-to-date information on basic science and clinical topics in Rheumatology. Speakers consist of local, national and occasionally international invitees.
  2. Clinical Rounds. A weekly hour and half discussion of rheumatology cases from both the in-patient and out-patient services. Included is in depth discussion of differential diagnosis, pathophysiology, relevant radiology, laboratory tests, pathology. Review of relevant literature pertinent to the case and discussion of appropriate social, ethical and rehabilitative concerns.
  3. Consult Rounds. Daily rounds with Rheumatology attending staff (assigned on a monthly rotating basis) and consult fellow. Fellows have intensive and direct supervision by the faculty in the evaluation and treatment of in-patients with rheumatic disease. Included is review of relevant literature and in-depth discussion of differential diagnosis, pathophysiology and where appropriate, social, ethical and rehabilitative issues.
  4. Fellow Curriculum Lectures. One hour didactic lectures covering the curriculum series of topics by faculty.
  5. Combined Rheumatology/Othopedic Rounds. One hour conference of topic-oriented case discussions on areas of common interest. Included are relevant radiology, pathology, surgical and rehabilitative aspects of the topic under discussion.
  6. Combined Rheumatology/Dermatology Rounds. Examination of 8-10 selected patients with skin manifestations of rheumatic disease, followed by review of the differential diagnosis, pathology and literature. Three hour duration.
  7. Combined Rheumatolgy/Pathology Rounds. One to two hour review of pathology of cases seen. Presented by Pathology attending and includes discussion and literature review.
  8. Inter-City Rheumatology Rounds. Monthly two to three hour academic discussion of 3-5 interesting selected cases. Fellows present one to two cases each and lead the discussion. Rotates among the area hospitals.
  9. Journal Club. Critical review of recent literature on clinical and basic studies in rheumatic disease. Includes evaluation of study design, interpretation of statistical methods. Fellows review each article selected with rheumatology staff contributing to discussion.
  10. Research Journal Club. Critical review of recent literature in cell and molecular biology.
  11. Fellow Radiology Conference. A one hour teaching conference with the goal to be able to independently read bone and joint radiology.
  12. Combined Rheumatology/Radiology Conference. A two hour conference lead by senior radiology staff focusing on clinical-radiologic correlation.