Goals for Rheumatology Fellowship

  1. Understand the pathophysiology and pathology of rheumatic diseases, including autoimmune rheumatic disease, degenerative disease and metabolic diseases.
  2. Understand basic principles of immunology, including autoimmunity, bone and cartilage metabolism, inflammation and repair and biomechanics.
  3. Be able to perform a detailed musculoskeletal examination and differentiate between inflammatory and non-inflammatory joint disease, between diseases of joints and other soft tissues, and between localized joint disease and multi-system diseases.
  4. Be able to accurately assess and diagnose, as well as provide consultative and ongoing care for a wide range of localized and systemic rheumatic diseases.
  5. Be able to utilize and interpret laboratory tests, radiologic procedures, nerve conduction studies and EMG, and biopsy material of joints, skin, kidney and other relevant areas to systemic or localized rheumatic disease.
  6. Understand the indication for arthrocentesis and be proficient in the aspiration of joint and bursal fluid. Be able to analyze and interpret synovial fluid aspirates for the presence of crystals and other components.
  7. Understand the indications for injection of corticosteroids in joints, tendons, bursae and related structures and be able to perform the appropriate procedures.
  8. Be able to utilize appropriate drugs for management of inflammatory arthritis, autoimmune disease, vasculitis and localized rheumatic disorders. Understand the pharmacology of anti-inflammatory and immunosuppressive drugs, their mechanism of action, toxicities, and costs.
  9. Understand the principals of rehabilitative care, physical and occupational therapy, and disability related to rheumatic disease.
  10. Understand principles of clinical trial design and data analysis and interpretation of the clinical and scientific literature in rheumatic disease.
  11. Understand social and economic factors that impact the expression of and treatment of rheumatic disease.

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