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In order to clarify the roles and expectations of fellows in the Rheumatology Section the faculty have outlined the following guidelines:

Inpatient Consultations (for Urgent Care, Emergency Room and Outpatient Clinics)

  1) Fellows will be responsible for the initial evaluation of the patient referred for consultation. In the case where a rotating resident or student is assigned to the initial evaluation, the consult fellow will be responsible for supervising the evaluation and if necessary confirming key components of the history and examination.
  2) Fellows will be expected to respond to requests for consultation in a timely manner, as appropriate and as dictated by the referring physician.
  3) Fellow will be expected to communicate with the rheumatology attending physician assigned to the consult service regarding the consultation and where appropriate initiate initial diagnostic evaluation, including joint aspiration, synovial fluid examination and the recommendation of other diagnostic studies.
  4) Fellows will be expected to consult with the rheumatology consult attending before initiating major diagnostic (e.g. angiography) or therapeutic (e.g. cyclophosphamide) interventions.

Out-Patient Consultations (seen with Attending in Rheumatology Clinic)

  1) Fellows will be responsible for selected new and follow-up patients evaluated in the Rheumatology Clinic.
  2) Fellows when appropriate may initiate diagnostic studies (including joint, soft tissue aspiration) or therapy (including joint, soft tissue injection) under the supervision of the Attending.
  3) Fellows will be responsible for reviewing laboratory studies which they have ordered.
  4) Fellows will be responsible for responding to patient phone calls and inquiries if necessary for the patients they have evaluated.
  5) Fellows will be responsible for communicating significant changes in patient status with the Attending.
  6) Fellows will be responsible for maintaining adequate clinical records and communicate with referring physician and pertinent physicians (including the primary physician) involved in the patient’s care.

Research Responsibilities

  1) Fellows shall in consultation with the faculty advisor and program director develop a research proposal before the end of the first fellowship year.
  2) Fellows will be responsible for conducting a research program in clinical or basic research under the supervision of the faculty advisor.
  3) Fellows will be expected to prepare a summary of their research including a presentation to the Rheumatology Section.
  4) Fellows will be expected to prepare an abstract for presentation at the ACR national meeting and/or a paper for publication.

Academic Responsibilities

  1) Fellows will be expected to read for and participate in Journal Club.
  2) Fellows will be expected to attend clinical and research conferences of the Rheumatology Section.
  3) Fellows will be expected to prepare at least one case for the annual Inter-City Rheumatology Rounds hosted by the Section.
  4) Fellows will be expected to supervise and teach residents and students who rotate on the consult service.

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