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BUMC Transgenic Core has a New Scientific Director

Monday, July 14th, 2014

The BUMC Transgenic Core, established in 1995 by Dr. Katya Ravid, has played an important role in the activities of many scientists at our institution. As part of the continual evaluation of all cores, a faculty committee was established to advise Provost Antman and me on the future role of transgenic services at BUMC.

The committee members were unanimously in favor of maintaining a Transgenic Core facility at BU and increasing its capabilities to serve a larger user group. While the committee recognized that implementation of this recommendation will require new investment at a time of fiscal uncertainty, they were convinced that a transgenic core providing state-of-the-art services is essential for maintaining and growing the University’s research portfolio.

After careful consideration of her many leadership commitments, Dr. Ravid has chosen to step down as Scientific Director of the core because of conflicting time commitments. We would like to thank Dr. Ravid for her creative work and efforts on behalf of the institution in establishing and directing the core over the past 20 years. Her insights and efforts contributed to the success of many research projects and grants at BU.

Dr. Kenn Albrecht, a developmental geneticist with broad expertise in the creation and analysis of mouse models of human disease and a collaborator of Dr. Ravid and the Transgenic Core on multiple projects, has agreed to become the new Scientific Director. Please join me in thanking Dr. Ravid for her efforts and Dr. Albrecht for continuing the mission of the Transgenic Core Facility.

Requirement for NIH Commons Usernames

Tuesday, May 13th, 2014

Our NIH-supported research programs and services on campus mandate that we report back to NIH annually with detailed utilization and impact data in supporting individual researchers. NIH’s reporting instruments require that our data include the NIH Commons usernames of individuals who have benefited from these key resources. Currently, we are under-representing the data regarding the use of these services in our annual reporting because we do not have NIH Commons usernames for all individuals who engage these services.

When you use the University’s NIH-supported services, please be prepared to provide your NIH Commons username when it is requested. If you do not have one, we will request that you establish a commons account before using the services. In addition, if you have taken advantage of these services over the past year, expect that staff may be in contact with you to request your Commons username. Note that your Commons account does not need to have been created by Boston University; if you have an account that was created for you at another institution, that Commons username can be used for reporting purposes.

To register with NIH Commons, please follow the instructions below:

  • Boston University:  Please visit and complete the on-line registration form.
  • Boston Medical Center: Please contact the BMC Grants Administration office through with the following information:
    • Full Name
    • e-mail address
    • eRA Commons Role (Postdoc, PI, Trainee, etc.)
    • Please put “Request for eRA Commons Username” in the subject header

    If you have questions or concerns about this information, please contact Kaci Foster, Director, Research Operations, Systems and Analytics (ROSA) at or Ronald Corley, Associate Provost for Research, BUMC at

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