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Stipends and Benefits

The clinical year of training is supported by a subspecialty residency at Boston Medical Center. The stipend, which is set annually, is currently in the range of $62,000. In addition, the Hospital pays malpractice insurance and health insurance costs for fellows during the first two years of training.

Fellows receiving research training are usually supported by an NIH institutional training grant. This competitively funded and recently renewed grant provides stipends for four fellows at levels set by the NIH according to number of years of post-M.D. or Ph.D. training. Current levels are in the range of $35,500 – $51,000 (depending on time since graduation) and may be supplemented by Renal Section or Hospital funds. Health insurance costs also are paid for research fellows. Research fellows are expected to apply for individual training awards with the help of their mentors to support their training beyond the 2nd year.

Fellows in their clinical year of training are entitled to four weeks of vacation including time to attend one national meeting for which they are given a travel allowance. Fellows in their research years of training are entitled to four weeks of vacation and are also given travel allowances to attend national meetings.

Fellows receiving research training occasionally are supported by other mechanisms, such as individual grants from the NIH, National Kidney Foundation, American Heart Association, or from internal Renal Section funds. In these cases, stipends and benefits are identical to those offered to trainees supported by the NIH training grant.

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