Joint Supervision of Trainees and Training in Basic Sciences

Although the specific activities of individual faculty are listed separately below, it is important to emphasize that there is a great deal of interaction among them. Our Renal training faculty have worked together for many years incorporating new members with new skills. Many research programs in which trainees work represent collaborations of several members of the training faculty. Renal faculty and trainees meet together several times each week for research conferences, journal clubs, clinical conferences, and staff meetings. Based on long working associations and a stable training staff, collaboration in specific research projects and in the supervision and future career development of trainees has been very successful.

In addition, several trainees have been jointly supervised by Renal faculty and associate basic science faculty with expertise in immunology, biochemistry and molecular biology. The success of these efforts is evident from joint publications, grant awards, and Ph.D. degrees. The specific design of such programs can be furnished to interested applicants on request.