The Renal Section at the Boston Medical Center has been training fellows for more than forty years. The Training Program is directed by Dr. David Salant, a graduate of the program. Previous directors include Drs. Arnold Relman, Charles Burnett, Jacob Lemann and Norman G. Levinsky. The Section has trained more than 150 nephrologists, most of whom have gone on to academic careers as members of renal divisions and departments of medicine throughout the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and several other countries. Approximately 65 percent of graduates since 1967 have entered academic careers. Included among these are leading nephrologists at other prestigious medical centers such as McGill University and Royal Victoria Hospital, Montreal, the University of Chicago, Harvard, Tufts University, Mayo Clinic, Temple University and Northwestern. Other graduates have become prominent practicing nephrologists, responsible for regional dialysis units and clinical nephrology programs in university-affiliated teaching hospitals.

The Renal Section offers comprehensive clinical and research training. The training programs are supervised by a large full-time staff, which currently includes 21 nephrologists and medical scientists, as well as several associate research training faculties. The size of the staff permits broad coverage of the various clinical and research areas of nephrology. It also provides intensive supervision of fellows during both clinical and research training. Most fellows are physicians who have completed their training as the basis for a career in academic nephrology. For these individuals, a comprehensive fellowship program includes one year of clinical training in nephrology, usually but not necessarily taken first, and two or more years of research training. Other physician-trainees, anticipating a career in clinical nephrology, take the year of training in clinical nephrology followed by a year or more of training in clinical investigation. Training positions are also open to medical scientists with a Ph.D. degree who wish to receive post-doctoral fellowship training in aspects of physiology, molecular and cell biology, immunology and clinical research related to the kidney or its diseases. In addition, close ties have been established with basic scientists in other departments and sections of the Department of Medicine, which affords fellows the opportunity of training in molecular biology and basic immunology.